Late Night Activities

Posted: October 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

I picked a horrible Thanksgiving shift. Yeah, I admit it. Completely.

9:30-6. My gym is only open 8-6 on most holidays. Major fail. I was up early even after working until 10 Sunday night, got myself ready and grabbed a cab to the gym. I knew I didn’t have time for a full workout and I wasn’t going to kid myself in rushing one to try and get it done, so I did 25 minutes of HIIT, showered and rushed over to work.

Work was… in a word. Awful. For a holiday about being Thankful people were not very thankful towards me at all. I’ll leave it at that.

I headed home after work, turned on the oven and grabbed the small roasting pan I had borrowed from mom to cook my turkeys with. Before I put the turkey in I had a weird feeling, opened the oven door and up… the pan DOESNT FIT in my apartment sized oven. I had two thawed turkeys in the fridge that needed to be cooked.

Dad to the rescue. He drove in town, picked up me and my turkeys and I hung out with mom watching tv until midnight when they were both cooked.

photo (28)

I was up until 2 am picking them apart (so happy that’s DONE), slept until 6 when mom woke me up and said dad would drive me home. Got up, scrubbed the roaster and headed home. Needless to say after 4 hours of sleep I walked in the door, put the turkey in the fridge and went directly back to bed. Until 11am.

Am I in university again!? Eek.

So now it’s time to cook up some meals, prep for the rest of the week (which is almost half over for me! WHOA) and head off to the gym. I’ve got work to do you know!

Coffee is poured, the new Killers album up too loud on the laptop and the turkey is ready to be portioned and froze. Let’s see how many days 2 17lb turkeys last me… my guess is 11 days. Any guesses??!

But the real question for today….

goodorbad My money is on evil.

  1. sglgirl says:

    evil….today is evil

  2. oh gosh, I hope you get some rest!

  3. Oh my stars. I hope you feel better and coffee does wonders for you!

  4. Hopefully you were able to get some rest today and everything portioned 🙂

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