Insanity: Four Weeks

Posted: October 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

How did that happen? Did I not just start dieting like 5 or 6 weeks ago?!

…. Oh right. I did.

Long gone are those days of 6 month preps. wtf was I thinking on that one? Live and learn. Live and learn. I need to keep reminding myself. I have busted my ass for almost a year, no “offseason”, no breaks, just all out improvement mentally and physically.

And now I’m sitting at four weeks out thinking “WHAT!? That is not possible!”


I got a diet change, cardio change and some new heavy duty fleece sheets this weekend. I’m clearly ready to survive the next four weeks.

Yeah, it’s cold up in this Canada place. The whole wind chill thing is back on the weather network and I don’t like seeing “feels like –7” or crap like that. My windows are closed and while it’s supposed to be 18 today my guess from the fog, rain and wind outside it’s anything but. I am cold 99% of the time now and it kind of stinks, I’d really love if my heat was turned on… but that hasn’t happened yet.

So instead I’ve finally been taking advantage of that big clawfoot tub in my bathtub and my library card. At Costco friday mom saw me drooling over the fleece sheets (that she bought for them and claimed were awesome) and probably knew I wouldn’t spend the money on myself so she bought them as a surprise for me. I am in love. I never want to get out of bed.

It seems a little crazy to be already four weeks out. I’ve been playing with my (“long”) hair to find out what I want to do with it on show day, my nails are growing out (yuck) and I’m spending all my free time generally consumed by prep thoughts. It’s a little nuts. I’m a little emotional. I got some pretty badass news yesterday regarding showday/day after show that I will be sharing very soon…  but until then pinterest tells me that thinking about going to the gym burns 0 calories so I’d better down this coffee and get moving.

Four weeks left. I’m pretty sure this sums it up.


  1. Your dedication is amazing to me.

    You can do this! Just one more month! 🙂

  2. carren says:

    Ick….I don’t miss those nasty Canadian temperatures. Although flannel sheets are most certainly da bomb.

  3. I love that you don’t have to do 6 month preps. I bet that is just so much nicer Keep it up! 🙂

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