Well That’s Odd

Posted: October 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’ve discovered the one major perk to blogging from my phone.

I’m a one handed texted/typer on my phone, so that means I’m super productive blogging with my right hand, and doing important things like holding a warm cup of coffee goodness with my left!

Speaking of coffee, don’t even bother entering www.lolzthatswimandrun.com #coffeeaday contest because I plan to win it.

Ps: if that link doesn’t work blame me trying to add a link, by memory, on my phone…. 3 weeks out.

Pps: this is only my first cup of coffee too, and I worked until 1 am, cut me some slack.


Need more of this…

But speaking of work schedules. The new one is picked, Monday to Friday. 2pm-10:30pm. No more Sunday nights, 1am cab home shifts. The three different shift times is overrrrrr!

The best part? It takes into effect nov 10 th, show weekend. Which means I get Friday off on my old shift and the Saturday/Sunday off on my new shift! I had booked Thursday/Friday off but this means I won’t lose two pay days! Win in my books.

Prep wise… 3 weeks.

That’s it. Three weeks. I go back and forth between “omg I look awesome!!!!!” To “I’m a tank, I’ll never be ready”. Welcome to my crazy. I think I’m just going to start promising anyone who deals with my crazy on the daily cookies post show for putting up with me.

See the contact me above for my email to send me over your addresses. Cookies will be in the mail mid November. Thx.

Speaking if cookies… Last night I had a weird thought. I’m three weeks out and haven’t even bought a since post show treat. Usually by now there is Lindt truffles, pb Cheerios, Nutella… Etc etc stockpiled in my cupboards and I’m talking about all the wonderful things I want.

But this time around? Kind of just want a burger (…no bun) and some sweet potato fries. Maybe a whole egg with a runny yoke? Who am I?! This feels so weird. Hopefully this no craving/no desire for junk doesn’t last long.

Because right now Some rice cakes with homemade almond butter is all I’m really ruining about. But for now I’ll settle for a honeycrisp with my almond butter. That’s pretty awesome in my books.


…. That was a random blog. You’re welcome.

Happy Friday!

  1. I hear ya! I don’t know how we ever get out of the cycle of “oh I look great” to “I look like a tank”….I feel like that is a constant battle even when I know it is not possible to go back and forth between the two on a daily basis!!!


  3. so glad your schedule is changing. you deserve a little break! coffee a day everyday, love it!

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