I Did Something Stupid

Posted: October 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

This weekend was a lot running around, a lot of turkey, a lot of rain… And a lot of this.


Why yes, now that I’m blogging from my phone you now get my life in Instagram.

Three weeks out means I prioritize my groceries. I bought three turkeys this weekend, either at .99/lb or 1.49/lb so since I ran around finding them so cheap I was able splurge 1.99/lb for my honeycrisp apples and you know…. The only drug I take during prep (or everyday life)


A little bit of heaven in my cup this morning let me tell you!

So needless to say while I did a lot of lazing this weekend my meals are prepped, my fridge organized and my freezer… Well it’s far from organized, but it’s packed.


Yup… Two turkeys, three bags of haddock, assorted ziplock/baggies of different portions of turkey, there is a chunk of steak in there too… And a bottle of vodka.

Please don’t ask how long that bottle has been in my freezer, it’s embarrassing.

Former party girl fail.

But the stupid thing I did? Signed up for overtime. That’s right. 12 hour shift Monday. All this organization will definitely pay off tomorrow.

Here’s hoping I survive the day.

  1. holy crap where do you find such cheap turkeys? i have been dying to get one to cook but they are so expensive near me

  2. Overtime champion! You seriously inspire me by the amount you do on top of work.

  3. What’s your ID on Instagram? I just got an iPhone last week, so I’m slowly figuring everything out! Mine is GetFitWithJen12

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