Next Step

Posted: October 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

Saturday I did my weekly checkin with Jody and he confirmed there would be no real big changes to the diet this week.

So the turkey was portioned, meals prepped until Tuesday and I went to bed content with my planning ahead efforts.

Sunday night at work I get an email from Jody with my revised plan. The email said a few less cals, but my pre workout cardio is shorter so it evens out. Since he had asked for the macros of my protein powder I assumed it was a change to do with that.

…. Then I opened the attachment and automatically had a stressed out, omg what am I going to do, these changes are intense moment.

Step one: reply to email in said stressed out fashion about how my meals are prepped, I’m working a 12 hour shift Monday, grocery stores are closed Sunday nights, etc.

Step two: send message to supervisor at work to find out if there is anyway I can cancel the overtime I planned on and just work my 1-10pm shift instead of 11-11.

Step three: confirm original shift is back in place, clarify normal new meal plan questions with Jody and chill the %^#* out.

Because of the results I’m getting and more importantly, how I’m currently feeling, Jody has decided I’m ready for the “next step” in my…. Journey? Plan? Crazy? Basically evolving my way of eating even more. I was honestly a little nervous about it, but after day one I can say I kind of loved it.

Yes, I get a meal that makes me beyond excited… Steak, egg whites and a whole egg!


But that’s just the icing on the cake. The biggest change is I don’t wake up and automatically start cramming meals into me. There’s a two hour window between when my lazy butt wakes up and my first meal. I feel a lot more productive this way.

Mostly because that two hours seems to be spent with running around, housework, prep stuff then it’s like a reward/break to grab my coffee and first meal and chill out.

I’m learning so much about myself and how I best function with every small change. I really think the past year has been a defining moment in solidifying my belief that its about small steps to make lasting changes. I didn’t become this “hardcore” overnight. It’s been years of small changes that have snowballed into something so much more than I could have ever imagined.

Just when I think I know everything I need to and can’t improve anymore a new change comes my way and I’m back to realizing there is still so far to go… Even though I’ve already come so far.

It’s been a crazy ride… I can say in the 11 months with blueprint I’ve had more feedback, more improvements and more acceptance of myself and decisions than I ever had with years with other trainers and coaches. To think I almost didn’t end up joining with them is a little nuts at this point.

So here’s to going to the next step, to being 3 weeks out and feeling amazing… And to finally realizing this journey is never going to be over.

  1. this is so great that you are learning about yourself in the process, those steak and eggs look amazing

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