Over thinking

Posted: October 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

After saying yesterday how awesome I felt on my new diet plan Monday yesterday was…. Tough.

About mid workout I just felt like a zombie. The crazy thing was I was pulling just as much weight as before but my head way a million miles away. I pushed through and killed cardio… I even tossed in 15 minutes of posing but mentally I was all over the place.

Then work happened and password issues for the third day in a row just left me frustrated.

I got home and gave myself a pretty firm talking to over my oats. I need to stop over thinking things. I’ve done the work, the changes are happening. I already look better than ever before, I’m just putting unnecessary pressure on myself.

While its good to push yourself and plan ahead, adding stress right now because I can’t shut my brain off is not a good thing. So today I’m focusing on the moment. There’s two and a half weeks until show day and I’m going to enjoy the last of this prep. The process, the changes, the feeling of knowing I’m bettering myself everyday.

No more over thinking and stress. The chips will fall where they will, it’s time to relax and focus on the details.


I got good news yesterday that my new shift starts the weekend of the show, meaning I get a three day weekend, no loss in pay…. Plus I got home to find my coupon books here. Two books, each with a $10 off versa spray tans included.

Yes, I’m spray tanning before my jan tana this time around. Why? Well…. My first year competing I ended the season with my first ever photoshoot… Looks like I’m ending this year the same way.


Time for some updated pictures…. I think I look a little different this time around.

… And that statement required no over thinking

  1. over thinking is something i am guilty of as well and it really does throw a loop in the mental battle. you are not alone my friend

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