Two Weeks (+1 Day) Out

Posted: October 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well tomorrow is two weeks out.

… How did THAT happen???

When you’re used to dieting for 24+ weeks going down to 8 weeks or so is um… A little bit of a mental mind #^%* to say the least. I have no concept of real time if that makes sense?

And oddly enough I have no real huge junk food/ post show cravings. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been dieting for months? Or because I did have a real thanksgiving dinner at 5 weeks out?


Yeah … That was awesome.

Either way ill take it. The end is in sight and things are progressing. I snapped progress pictures this morning to send off for my revised meal plan. Just like last prep there will be a two week peaking process so yeah, it all begins tomorrow.

My pictures from last week suck the big one quality wise ( the joys of no natural light/shitty conditions/laziness) but at least in my head the change in only a week was a substantial one.


Two weeks to go… Two weeks to end the craziest ( almost) year of my life. I’m excited.

…. But scared to death. Happy Friday!

  1. I can’t believe it’s coming up so fast!!! Seems like you were just posting about being 20 weeks out.

  2. How do you take your photos? (does Fitz LOL?) Anyways-you look great and it does feel like it’s coming up so soon!

  3. Tenecia says:

    #2weeksout #eeekkk #wheredidthetimego


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