Avoiding the Rebound

Posted: November 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

The week after a show. Yeah… How about that?

Once upon a time my post show routine looked a little like this:


… With a side of:


This time around?

Well I gave myself free rein Sunday. I had turkey and almond butter with leftover chips pre photoshoot and then a real breakfast afterwards with a teammate.


Three egg omelette? I think there had to be 6 in there… With half a block of cheese and bacon. Bottomless coffee and shared sweet potato fries rounded that out. Amazing.

When I got home to the parentals I had some of my favourite chips and salsa and even post show I think my mom expected this… She was making family dinner but asked what I was having. I had her give me some lean beef and made myself a burger… With cheese and an over easy egg on top. Dipped in ketchup with a side of those damn chips.


… Finished off with some icecream cake… X2


I was beyond satisfied, totally not “stuffed” and thankfully didn’t have any massive gross tummy side effects from the dairy/wheat I had.

Monday morning rolled around… I had to work at 2, so I opened my fridge to get a post show avoid the rebound plan going. I’m a little on the broke side this week so thankfully my stockpile got me through … And right back on plan.


My juice, apples and bananas, steak/ turkey/fish and egg whites, turkey/veg/quinoa, oats, rice cakes with almond butter.

…. Lots of rice cakes with almond butter.

I feel totally back to normal, not having cravings, binge-y moments, etc. I had some treats and moved on.

My workouts are unplanned this week. It makes me a little sketch not having a plan, but just getting there and doing something keeps life normal.

I’ve been kind of decompressing… Behind in cleaning, emails, messages… Life in general. First week on a new schedule at work is always weird, add in post show? Yeah. Fun.

I’ve got a very fun filled weekend ahead, a DEADLIFT kind of workout set for today and the possibility of finally getting my post show burger soon!

Things are looking up, with training but most importantly with life. I feel like I’m committing to being more social, getting more active and just going with it. I kind of like this feeling!

Happy Friday!

  1. I’m glad you are adjusting well. I read a few serious competitor blogs, and hear the adjustment is the hardest part but dang girl you make it look so easy. Have fun being a social butterfly. lolz

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