Just What I Needed

Posted: November 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Team training Saturday morning in Fredericton was awesome as usual. I worked out on my own but jumped in and grabbed a spot when needed.

… My shoulders are still aching.


After the gym I hit up a few stores with my teammate Melissa, then headed to her place to shower and eat. While she headed off to work I headed off to run around town.


Yeah, I paid 15$ for two tubs of icecream. Totally worth it.

I spent (way too many) hours at the mall trying on clothes. Nothing fits right and it’s been getting me down. I tried on some “going out” clothes, and was on the hunt for sequins.


… The pink pants didn’t make the cut.

In the end it was some candles from bath and body works, a pair of earrings and I splurged on a new pair of skinny jeans. The fact I didn’t feel large/chubby or like my legs were too huge for skinny jeans sealed the deal.

Ok, 40% off helped too.

I was asked by the changing room girl at American eagle what sport I play since I am.. Muscular. Haha the weird thing is she didn’t mean it in a bad way like the usual.

After the mall it was back to Melissa’s place to change and head out. Finally getting to wear my badass Steve Madden leopard print pumps made my day.

As did pregaming the bar with m&m cookies and coffee with baileys and whipped cream vodka…


Not going to lie in saying it was beyond amazing to just hang out with girls who got everything that’s been going on. We ended up at a bar, danced a little bit and ended the night with 2am giant pizza slices. Yes please.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t surprised that I woke up without a hangover Sunday. I can only assume its because I drank a fair amount if water between who knows… Regardless I felt great, downed my eggs and hit the road for Saint John fairly early.

There was a lot of running around in the afternoon, groceries, errands, grown up stuff ya know?


Because you know… We can’t all spend our days lying in bed.

It was a really great weekend. Sometimes you just need a little “normalcy” in your life, whether your normal is working out, girls nights or just a fun Sunday night at home on the couch with some movies.

Life is good

  1. Looks like you had a great time. I liked the pink pants on you…My favorite candles are from bath and body works. I’ve been using the frosted cupcake candle a lot!

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