Posted: November 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Is it for real Friday?!

It’s been a busy busy week… In the absolute best way possible. It all started with last weekend in Freddy beach and just continued on from there.


… Any week that starts with vodka coffee and cookies is totally ok in my books.

Yesterday was tough at work, mentally convinced it was Friday, rest day sluggish and just…. Meh.


Sadly I wasn’t able to join fritz for a lazy day… But thankfully today IS Friday!

I fully intend to sleep in tomorrow… And have no foreseeable plans all weekend except for the gym. My apartment is spotless clean, laundry is done, even have meals prepped. It’s going to be wonderful.


Unfortunately that will be the theme of the day until 1030 tonight though.

But hey, java moose rolled out their holiday flavours this week…. Who am I to refuse to support local businesses during the holidays?!

Happy Friday!

  1. I feel you on that. Where did this week go, I don’t even know LOL!

  2. Every week seems to be flying by lately, I can’t believe it’s December already!!!

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