Diet Criticism

Posted: December 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

I believe the saying is “damned if you do… ”

Way back almost four (4!!!!) years ago when I first started this crazy ride called figure competitions I got a lot of criticism on my diet.

I specifically chose to work with dr joe because there was no good or bad foods. It wasn’t restricting and I was able to choose my own foods based on my cravings and likes as long as they for into my macros.

This was the best possible option for someone with severe disordered eating habits. I was going into prep used to a list of food about 6 items long and hours of cardio.

I decided that was not for me and embraced joes methods and it worked very well for me. When I decided it was time to move on from Joe I was by no means “cured”, but I no longer viewed food as the enemy and was ready to embrace health.

Throughout my two years with joe I always got the same comments.

… You’re not strict enough
… You shouldn’t eat that
… You should do more cardio

In other words, people thought I wasn’t “hardcore” enough.


To which I simply say, you get on stage, then we will talk about being hardcore.

Anyway… Oddly enough last November when I joined blueprint and made my most drastic diet changes to date the comments once again started.

…. Restricted
…. Obsessive
…. Unhealthy

I’ll be the first to admit going into it I had no idea how a set meal plan would go for me. Gluten and dairy free was just another big grey area that I chose to embrace.


The longer I lived the “blueprint lifestyle” the better I felt. My afternoon/evening bloating was gone, I had more energy than ever before and the draggy crap days of prep were few and far between.

Then provincials happened… And this happened..


…. And uh… This too…


Yup, post show I…. O.M.G. Ate a cupcake with gluten and dairy… And I had vodka (… And a large amount of it for that matter) chased with bakery cookies.

Yeah, obviously not from the gf bakery at superstore.

I didn’t give two thoughts to these things. All day leading up to both treats I ate my usual meals, went to the gym, drank my water. I was out to a Christmas Fair with mom and we wanted cupcakes… I went out with the girls and wanted to well, not care.

…. And I didn’t.

Until I got (several) comments of “so you’re back to being normal now?” And “I see you have up being gf”

Um… I ate a cupcake. I didn’t hit up a bakery and gorge on bread until I turned into the marshmallow man.

I honestly didn’t think anything if posting those photos, but apparently other people did. Sadly it was the same people now telling me I was a prep sellout that had originally said I was stupid for being so extreme.

Can’t win them all right?

If there is anything I’ve learned from this journey is that there is no one size fits all approach. What works for someone might not work for someone else. I’m a constant work in progress and I love and embrace this.

Yes, I’m still following my plan. Yes, I have had a treat here and there. That doesn’t mean I’ve quit or given up… It means I’m human and not only enjoying my lifestyle, but enjoying my life.

Obviously putting my life and prep out there in the blog world opens me up to comments and feedback… And I totally welcome that. So if you have any diet/training questions ask away. I’d love to answer them and clear up any concerns or criticisms you may have.

Because like my mom always told me…. You know what happens when you assume….

  1. No matter what you put out there, someone is always going to criticize it! I for one think you are one amazing, dedicated, awesome chick!!!!

  2. criticism will always be there but way to move past it. i think it is so smart to do everything in moderation so you don’t feel so deprived

  3. Victoria says:

    Lesson learned: people should STFU

  4. Charles F-M says:

    I am by far not one to judge someone else as I have been finding skipping the gym a too frequent occurrence and am eating a sugar pie (these things are so wrong).

    I think you are doing awesome and are very insperational.

  5. Vodka…you are such a rebel. LOL. There will always be criticism, haters gonna hate on awesome people (like you).

  6. Chuck says:

    Everyone is soo individual and everyone else fails to realize that. Some people require a lot more and some not. Some get shredded eating gluten and dairy and some don’t care for it. And does NOT matter. Good for you for, well, doing you and what is right for you! And for knowing that cupcakes and vodka have their place. It would be a sad existence to live only in deprivation. I’ve been there and I’m sure you have too.

    Now lets go do Pull ups.

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