Tough Over Thought Decision

Posted: December 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

There’s been a lot of back and forth with Jody this last week…. And a detailed conversation with a teammate over Facebook… And a brain dump on a friend…. And even more internal dialog going on.

You’re welcome for sparing you the crazy.

In the end, I decided to stop debating, follow my heart, and my head.

I’m not going to be on stage at Atlantics in April. For me, it’s not where I belong (right now, maybe ever). I don’t have enough size. Honestly, I could take 5 years off to build and probably still wouldn’t be big enough. Genetics are a bitch…. Being a natural athlete in such a sport doesn’t help my cause either.

There is a lot more behind this decision than just my current size, but it’s things like politics and personal opinions that I choose not to discuss on the blog. So we will leave that at that.

Even knowing I have a long way to go to reach MY ideal and goals I am still choosing to get back on stage next spring. Just with a different organization that I feel will be a better fit for me now and as I continue to grow as an athlete.

… It’s an organization I said from the beginning I would never compete in, yet here I am actually full on excited for show day. It’s 100% different than the cut and dry figure stage I’ve been on with the Idfa and cbbf.

May 25 I step on stage in Halifax with the wbff.

… Get ready for the crazy that’s bound to follow.

  1. Cassie says:

    Does that mean you’re leaving your team? Or will you still be trained by Jody and compete with a different organization? Just curious!

  2. Rob says:

    Its a dog eat dog world in womens figure. A trainer at my gym is build like a 5 foot 1 roman gladiator, muscles from top to bottom and very lean and she has her pro card and competed in the nationals this year with 90 other women in her catagory. She finished middle of the pack which I though was really good considering it was her first pro show but when you are used to winning everything in provincial shows in all the contests and then in a national show you get 2 minutes on stage in wave after wave after wave of 5 person posing segments and thats it, im sure its a hard nut to swallow and she is built like a gymnast/gladiator. She is all natural but look at women who win the Canadian Nationals like Fabiola Boulanger. She looks like a womans head dropped on a mans body. A big mans body.

  3. sglgirl says:

    You are not alone in your decision, in fact you are one of many folks that have decided or are contemplating to make the leap to another organization to avoid the whole politics of the provincial associations and everything that it brings, or doesn’t bring should I say, to the competition table. I myself have not fully 100% committed to the spring shows….

  4. brooke says:

    How exciting! I’m doing a WBFF show in May as well 🙂 It seems a little more fun than the NPC shows that I have been competing in.. have you thought of theme wear yet?

    • ihearteggs says:

      No themewear for me, I’m doing figure! What show are you doing?

      Sent from my iPhone

      • brooke says:

        It’s May 18th in Orlando, FL. I normally compete in figure, but their figure is a little more jacked than other federations. lol I think I’m gonna do the Fitness Diva. They still have good size and they get to dress up lol

  5. Sara says:

    So youre going into a non tested show now?

  6. Interesting, I honestly have no idea about all the politics and everything associated (would be curious to know if it an appropriate blog topic). I know you are doing what is right for you though.

  7. That’s what is so great about competitions, there will always be another one and there are several organizations to choose from. If one doesn’t work, pick another! You are going to LOVE the WBFF stage! My first (and only) show was the Kansas City WBFF show and I will be doing it again next May! Have fun!

  8. Rob says:

    I guess being a guy my comment did not get approved like all the female ones did immediately.

    • ihearteggs says:

      I’m sorry, I’m a horrible blog comment moderator. I finally opened my app and had about 15 pending. Apologies

      • Rob says:

        ok thank you for the reply. It was my first comment ever on your blog and when I saw all the others being answered and mine not I figured I did not matter being a guy. Thanks for the nice reply. 🙂

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