PMB: Year End Edition

Posted: December 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Ummm…. Is it seriously the last Thursday of 2012?

Technically yea… But in my world ill be writing 2012 for at least another 6 months so its all good.

It was a big year for me, one full year back in the maritimes, a new (… Awesome) job, two shows, the beginning of a social life and lots of great things.


… Once a maritimer, always a maritimer…

Anyway, in an effort to be more of a productive/consistent blogger I’m hopping back on the pmb train to close out the year.

Physical: I think this is a pretty obvious one.


Now in my second building season with blueprint I no longer fear the rebound and have maintained my size comfortably for a full year.

I won’t say weight, because I actually gained 7 pounds this year… But am smaller. Needless to say the scale is not part of my life anymore.

Gaining lean mass, staying leaner between shows and busting my ass in the gym and in the kitchen has made the physical aspect of this lifestyle amazing. The above photo is Atlantis in April (pink suit), the photoshoot I did post provincials in November and a progress picture from last Saturday.

Yeah, I look better in a progress photo at the end of a week that included… 3…. Burgers and sweet potato fries than I did two years ago living on chicken, green beans and cardio.


Mental: this totally goes hand in hand with the physical side. Throwing away the scale, ditching the dieting mentality and just viewing food as the fuel for my lifestyle.

If I had something off plan, if meals weren’t perfect… Whatever, sometimes life happens and you adapt. Letting go of the “I ate off plan for three days post show, must restrict and do extra cardio” mentality and saying “hey, I had a cookie… Or seventeen. Lets forget it, prep my usual meals and do my planned workout and move on” is kind of freeing.


(…. And what I’m embracing today after a few too many of these)

The head game of dieting and working out was always the hardest thing for me. Getting into the gym and doing the work was easy, but not over thinking, over analyzing, and obsessing about every calorie and carb killed me.

…. But it doesn’t now. And I kind of love the freedom that comes with that.

Brag: This is a tough toss up.

Part of me wants to go with the email I got yesterday saying if I want to have a burger or two a week while I’m building, have at it.


…. If Jody insists….

But no, in all seriousness, this is beyond an easy answer.


To be recognized for my dedication and drive to better myself… AND be crazy enough to get on stage too… Is the highlight of my year no question about it.

I’m not going to (….yet again) get all emotional and stuff over how blueprint has changed my life, I’m just going to say that the proof is in the physical and mental changes I’ve made over the last year… And that’s what I’ll brag about for a very long time.



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