Grown Up Christmas Toys

Posted: December 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

So I’m currently in a battle with you know who over a very amazing cozy reversible blanket the parents bought me at indigo.


He seems to think that if he’s sneaky and cuddly he can sleep on it.

I’m so weak. I lasted a whole day and a half before he won. Fail.

My Christmas gifts this year really reflected my lifestyle…. Pink booty spandex, hair elastics, grocery store gift cards, badass mugs.


… Of course filled with coffee made with one of my stocking stuffer gifts, java moose one pot coffee packs. Delicious gingerbread.

I broke out my big gift this morning. It really wasn’t necessary at all, and was a little ridiculous, but I did it anyway.


I get giddy every time I see that picture.

I really only had to slice ONE zucchini for my meals today and obviously taking out a knife and doing it would have been much faster, but hello… This is totally a grown up toy and I was going to milk it.

Please don’t ask how excited I am to go buy almonds and maybe some cashews to make homemade butters this weekend… Because the answer will resemble a look like this:


Only multiply that look by 5743 because I have a badass kitchenaid instead of a 30 year old mini hand me down.

But what might be an even better gift arrived in my email…. New workouts complete with dead lifts on leg day. Now that’s a Christmas gift I can get behind.

… Because it will give me a better behind. Totally the gift that keeps on giving.

  1. redkeeney says:

    ha ha – it is the gift that keeps on giving! Happy 2013!

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