4 Hour Body…. Seems Legit

Posted: January 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

Who doesn’t want a quick fix?

Instant abs, total hottie, eat whatever you want?

A conversation I had with a friend yesterday went from an offhand “I want abs” comment to me not even responding because I was so annoyed.

Yes, I’m pushing a size two and just a little bit squishy and therefore a little sensitive, but yeah… I don’t think my annoyance was unwarranted.

“Abs are easy”

“You just eat all meat except carbs at one meal”

“You’re doing it wrong”

“Maybe you need a new coach?”

….. This is my “that’s cute, you be crazy” face


Apparently the sure fire way to abs is the 4 hour body diet. It worked for him. And one of his friends. Seems legit.


Does that mean four hours of work a day? A week? A month? Lets google to find out. I’d hate to be an ignorant prepper who could be missing the miracle link to achieving all my physique goals.


I could be superhuman and reach my genetic potential in 6 months?!?

… Lets be honest here on a side note, my genetics kind of suck so that’s not really a deciding factor for me…

Why not read a little further? I mean, 2 hours if sleep and incredible sex too? That’s what I need in life, more reason to drink excessive amounts of coffee.


I get to binge eat and run 50km?!?

… That’s a good thing?!

Ok, please tell me I’m not the only one lol-ing at these claims.

I spent the last 5 years (ok, could be more, could be less) trying to get over binge eating. Why would I want to go back to that? Feeling sick? Still shovelling in food? Guilt? Depression?

A quick fix diet that basically eliminates almost all carbs and automatically gives me abs? What happens when I get those abs and eat a rice cake? … Oh right, I lose my abs and spiral back into obsessive binge eating and restricting to get those abs back.

Seems legit.

This world is full of quick fix diets and miracle plans. I get asked on the regular what the “secret” is…

It’s simple.

I eat real food. There’s no diet tofu or magic pills.

I go to the gym and rest when needed. When I go to the gym I don’t sit around chatting, I give my workouts 100% focus and don’t kill myself with hours of cardio.

No, I don’t have abs year round. Hell, I don’t even have a 6-pack on stage. Someday I will get there, there’s no doubt about that in my mind, but I’m not willing to take a quick fix approach to get there. What these diets don’t tell you about is the side effects, what happens when you go back to “normal” when you get to your goal.

That’s why I choose to work on making my “normal” as healthy and maintainable as possible, and you know what? It seems to be working out pretty well for me… Physically and mentally.


I think that’s better than any four hour body

  1. Victoria says:

    Um, you failed to address the 15 minute orgasm tips. Fail.

  2. The thing that gets me is that people make money off of crap like that as desperate people will do anything and buy anything. You are an illustration for doing it the right way.

  3. Liz says:

    Oh wow, some people really do believe EVERYTHING they read, right? I’m definitely a fan of your approach. I think my biggest question for that author is how is one supposed to do all of the following in only 4 hours gym time: run a 5k, build 34 pounds of muscle, and run a 50k?? Call me crazy, but I really don’t think that’s possible…

  4. I am always being asked these. UGH. Teach me how to run the 50k…Since I frequent 20ks right now same logic puts me at 200k yes?

  5. omg and lol and roflmao!

    Becca,i love your approach to fitness and a healthy lifestyle. you keep it real…..
    and you also know that it takes a hell of a lot more than 4 hours in the gym!!!!!!

  6. WTF? Who would read that and think…yep, that seems legit?! LMAO!

  7. If you are bored and want some entertaining reading, do a search for “tim ferris douche” and do some exploring.

  8. Great Story!! I like your story very much. Your tips is very effective for readers to get rid of being eating and spend healthy lifestyle. Your strength, courage and inspiration helps others find hope.

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