It Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Posted: January 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

You’d think the title would be something I know already right? I mean, even with my best efforts and dabbling in extreme dieting I didn’t lose the weight overnight, why would any other accomplishment happen that way?

When I started competing I was (beyond) clueless and just wanted a top five finish. How hard could it really be right?

… Excuse my laughter.

For some people it just happens. Good genetics, maybe extreme dieting, who knows… It just happens. I guess you could say I took the long road to get there. Playing around with dieting, and working on fixing my mental state before taking things to the next level.

It took me 6 shows, but I made the huge jump from consistently second to last… To 5th place.


Progress, not perfection was what I strived for and what I finally achieved.

I’ve been saying for how long now I want to hit a 225 (4 plate) deadlift.

Crazy goal.

Last summer during my offseason I consistently hit 215 and eventually 220 but even the thought of five more pounds was beyond me. The. I began prep and that goal was pushed aside.

My first program post provincials had no deadlifts…. Then my second one arrived and it included them. That first workout discouraged me and left me thinking there was no way I’d hit 225 before dieting again.

Yesterday was deadlift workout number 5. Last week I hit 215 and was pretty happy with it. I walked into the gym yesterday thinking it was chest day. Oops. I wasn’t feeling legs, but oh we’ll… Grabbed my lifting straps and started warming up.

I felt good so I put 205 on and pulled 3 reps. There was only a few people kicking around to witness my impending fail, so I added another 20 to the bar and um…. Deadlifted it.

As simple as that.

After confirming to someone who asked, yes that was a PR and it was heavy I went about my workout doing my deads for reps and my 737434x lunges.

I’m still in a little shock that I finally managed to accomplish a goal I set over a year ago. With no specific “we’re going to get a 225 deadlift” plan. Just pushing hard everyday and eventually getting there.

It’s days like that when I realize how far I’ve come. It puts my “im fat” rant from last Friday into perspective. Like I said on Facebook, I deadlifted my old fat kid weight… And it’s prob about 100lbs more than I weigh now.


If that doesn’t keep me pushing forward I don’t know what is. Sure there are days when I get discouraged and down on myself, but this is an ongoing process and that’s all I need to remember.

Progress, not perfection… And a top three placing in may.

That’s the plan.

  1. yeeeeeeeee!congrats on the PR!!!!!!!!


  2. Tara says:

    Awesome!! I have planned my deadlift maxing out, and I’m going for 225 in two weeks 😀

  3. Wow that is great. I can’t even imagine doing that and I’m glad you have some positives with the negatives. (though can we just get rid of all negatives…that would be nice).

  4. Chuck says:

    Hell yeah! Nice work! I wonder if I could do that right now… I got 320 in high school.
    I totally feel you on this. I want to change how I look right now, but I know it’s not going to happen over night. Nor do I have a good or any programming, so maybe that would be a good place for me to start!

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