Lesson for the Week: Acceptance

Posted: February 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

This pretty much sums up today.


Yesterday was over 10 degrees here… But of course the temps are dropping again and my apt was freezing last night. This morning, same. I’ve never made a call to my landlord so fast.

I meant to sit down yesterday and do a typical PMB post… But instead I got a lesson in life. Yeah, it’s been one of those weeks.

Nothing went my way yesterday. Long wait at the bank, missed my bus, forgot bag at drugstore, missed a haircut, power going out mid workout at the gym.

Basically, anything that could go wrong did… And it pissed me off to no extent. By the middle of my workout I was just one big ball if grump, all over things that were totally (for the most part) out of my control. After my workout I could try cardio with the power flickering or I could go get my hair trimmed and chill the %#*^ out.

My hair feels much healthier today… But more importantly, so does my mind.

It’s one thing to have big lofty goals and know its going to take a hell of a lot of work to get there… But it’s another thing to add three tons of stress to my plate on top of those goals because of things I can’t control.

I accept that in order to reach my goals I need to put in a lot if work, I need to make sacrifices and stay focused… But what I also need to accept is life happens.

Things aren’t always going to go 100% to plan, no matter how hard I try to force it. This prep is going to be about staying on course while not trying to twist life into a controlled world that’s all about becca. (As much as I think it should be all about me…)

I’ve managed to find a really great balance between shows. No longer is life only about the gym and the meal plan and I love that after chasing it for so long I’ve found balance… But now it’s time to maintain that balance while tightening up my diet and adding in cardio. So far so good.

So here’s to accepting the unknown, accepting the challenge of prep again and kicking my stress to the curb.

How hard can it be?

  1. totally can relate on so many levels!!!!!
    try having 4 kids during prep and soccer season for the older 2 kiddos will be starting in a few weeks,gymnastics for the toddler and the baby will be just along for the ride….oh yeah add in going back to school full time…..
    yeah,this prep is all about finding the balance and not stressing things out of my control!!

    just hang in there the best you can becca!!!
    stay positive and stay focused…
    YOU GOT THIS!!!!
    cause thats just how you roll!
    your awesome!!!

  2. Love this post. That could a PMB in in itself…one that many different bloggers need to learn. You can’t live your life blogging, workout out and preparing meals. Sometimes it doesn’t go your way and those are the times that make us stronger!

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