Prep Plan and the Goals

Posted: February 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

New work shift starting this week means a short day Wednesday. Delicious. I can get so much done around the house…. Or sit on the couch drinking coffee. Either way.

Two weeks ago I slowly added in 15 minutes if easy cardio and reined in the diet a bit to help with my uncomfortableness with my body. I had another checkin this weekend (16 weeks!!!) and felt much much better.



Sure, I haven’t attempted to pull on a pair of jeans or anything, but I feel much better, and that’s a start.

So where to go from here? Rest comfortably at 16 weeks out with slight diet changes and some new workouts… Or ramp up cardio and get me from comfort zone to pushing my limits early on?

I saw this post on FB last night and it seemed appropriate:


That post really solidified my acceptance of the new plan in my head.

I have very clear goals in my head (and on paper) as to where I want to be in 16 weeks.

-leaner. I want to be within two-three pounds of my November stage weight, but much leaner.

-top three.

-step on stage knowing I did everything in my power to achieve #1 and #2 and being proud of my prep no matter what.

So how do we get there as per the above?

Diet plan specific to my goals. Check!

New plan arrived Monday and was immediately put in place. The changes were minor, but that’s ok by me. We’re keeping calories fairly high so there’s no drastic meal timing changes or big swings.

Workout plan specific to my goals? Check!

New workouts began Monday. Which include 25 minutes of all out cardio 3 out of four training days (none on legs as usual).

I was up late Sunday for Super Bowl and could have said ^#^* this ill start tomorrow, but no. I packed my meals and a full gym bag to shower post cardio and rushed out the door.

It was sweaty and painful and tough, but I have been flying high since. I’ve got this.

To round out plan… Consistency in effort, every day it’s on. Monitoring progress, done by Jody and obviously by myself.

The drawback of an out of town coach is we don’t train together often.. The positive is big changes are noticed when I do see him.

All that’s left? Celebrating in 16 weeks. I think I can handle that.

  1. I always love when your blog pops up into my blog reader. I’m glad you have a found a new plan that is working for you. That always makes me happy LOL. Boo for your coach and you not being together all the time, but I felt that feels awesome when he notices those huge changes. It was kind of like that with my coach (when he did see me) it was like he could just pick apart different changes that had happened since the last time.

  2. Love your single-mindness. Even if you don’t get a top 3 finish you know you will have done everything in your power to get there. But you will.

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