Minor Roadblock

Posted: February 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

Edit: WordPress ate half my post yesterday. I didn’t have time to fix… I still don’t but here goes


Also know as… My current white girl problem.

I’m sure anyone who reads the news/blogs/breaths knows of a little storm that hit the east coast.


Yeah… A blizzard.

With no name. Winter storms do not get names. Don’t even get me started.

Friday I worked… A few… Hours if overtime. With my new schedule they have stupidly cut our hours back to 37.5 and I’m kind of used to OT sized checks so making up the five hours to at least get my 80 was logical.

When I got home just after midnight the storm was just starting. Slippery roads and blowing snow. Delightful.

Mega insomnia that night led me to doing my taxes at 5am… Which means I was awake for the news when the water main broke about five minutes away from here. Not just ANY main though… One of the main ones. Goodbye water for most of the city, myself included.

Around 10am they had it patched up and water returned… With a boil order in effect. Until at LEAST Tuesday.

Saturday afternoon I braved the wind and hit the gym, and after boiling two pots of water I was over it and needed to buy a few gallons.


That was a fun walk… Down the middle of the road.

Regardless, I had plans Sunday so meal prep might as well happen while I’m pretty much snowed in.

Make quinoa. Need water.

Make protein shakes. Need water for coffee.

Roast veggies. Need water to wash.

My usual pot of coffee in the morning? HALF a GALLON of water to make it. (10cup pot btw).

Eye opening.

Water is sold out everywhere up town. I lucked out and a change in plans meant I headed out to my parents place to do laundry last night… And fill up a few water jugs.

I used one of my containers of frozen bone broth (that I made last time I was snowed in…) to cook my quinoa.

Everything got done. It took longer than usual and it was a pain in the ass, but it got done.

And was left at just that, a pain. Not a setback or an excuse for takeout. I prioritized and got it done because these next 15 weeks are going to be tough…. And if I set the scene for taking the easy way out now what’s that going to do for my head game 5 weeks out?


No excuses, no regrets.

…. Still no water Tuesday morning. Ugh!

  1. Oh my stars. Thinking of you and wow that is so much water and you don’t even think of it. I’d send you all the coffee if I could!

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