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Posted: February 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Oh Wednesday… My short day… My day of drinking coffee all morning on the couch. How I love you.

Ok, I do have some meal prep to do seeing how Sunday I was snowed in. Again. For the second weekend in a row. I crashed at my parents place Saturday night and when I got up mega early Sunday and saw like… 2cm of snow I laughed at the storm and went to work for overtime.


Well, turns out the storm was delayed and by the time I got back to their place and did my laundry it was safer to just stay there and not have them on the roads driving me home. It legit looked like no plows passed.


Found this first thing Monday morning when I arrived home. Delightful.

And now we are currently under a freezing rain storm warning. It’s nasty out there.

Anyway… I feel like I haven’t been blogging much about general prep. So here goes.

Just under 14 weeks out from WBFF Halifax in may. My diet has remained unchanged from two weeks ago when I had my first “major change” (that honestly wasn’t major) and on the hunger front… Well, that front is nonexistent 99% of the time. When I first added in cardio it was there a bit, but I seem to have adjusted and thanks to some mild intermittent fasting daily and a couple extra hours on rest days I feel amazing.

Compared to my last venture into IF this feels totally different, and for the right reasons. Something I saw recently was “I’m not dieting, I’m eating according to my goals”. Love this, live this.

Cardio wise, still at 25 minutes of pain 3/5 days (nothing on leg day and one rest day). Mixing it up with sprints/elliptical/stairs/bike depending on my mood. I rarely to never do more than 10 minutes before machine jumping. Mentally it helps me push. If I feel like I’m dead and over ten minutes of stairs, hopping to the bike is like renewed energy.

Maybe I’m crazy.


… Or just tired?

Overall I’m feeling absolutely amazing. I’ve been getting a lot if positive feedback through the blog/Facebook and well… Real life… And that really gives me a push to keep going.

Yes, I know I’m still 13+ weeks out, but I am definitely feeling 100%. Everything feels like it will be coming together in the end as long as I keep busting my butt, and that’s what I intend to do.

So that’s what’s up with life lately. If there is anything you want to see more about this prep or for me to talk about, just let me know!

  1. I have not actually done a prep yet, but I’ve witnessed my friends going through many of them. I think I have to say this is the healthiest/most sane prep (and attitude) I’ve witnessed. I wish I was local so I could work with your coach! He sounds like he’s really got it together!

  2. Yes, sometimes all the motivation we need to keep going is just a look in the mirror to know what we are doing is working. Nice work!

  3. I’m glad you did update and that things are going so well. Also really random but if you haven’t gotten positive feedback about your eyebrows they look fantastic. (Yes, I have a habit of judging peoples eyebrows…).

  4. i second what sarah said!
    you really have one of the most sane and positive attitudes towards prep and a healthy lifestyle!!!!!

  5. I love reading all about your prep lifestyle and training, keep it up Becca, you’re freaking awesome!

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