Alive and Well… At Least Now

Posted: March 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

Last week was tough. I had a pretty relaxed and awesome weekend.


Couch time, good company and good workouts.

I volunteered for a new work schedule starting last Monday. 9-1 and then 5pm-9. Seems like a good idea, split shift, 4 hours mid day for my favourite gym time but off 2 hours earlier at night? Yes please.

Monday started out awesome…. Felt great, rested, blah blah blah. Tuesday I had a horrible workout due to a meal plan change that didn’t sit well in my stomach and it all went downhill from there.


… No matter how much coffee I downed I was just a mess. I couldn’t get into a sleep schedule, my workouts sucked, I was not handling it well.

Thursday someone asked me at the gym if I was competing in march, I explained may and he went on to say how much respect he has for my dedication. I politely thanked him and went to the changing room to cry. I was bound to end up in tears last week. Ugh.

I quickly emailed Jody and explained that I wasn’t asking him for permission, but giving him a heads up. My rest day was Friday and I was probably going to take Saturday and Sunday as well before I quit.

Thankfully he completely supported my decision and we had a good talk. I spent the weekend in real clothes, running errands with mom, relaxing and going to griffins birthday party.


Yes, I passed on cake and stuck to my meal plan all weekend, but mentally it was a rest. Sunday night I got home around 7. I prepped all my meals for the week and got to bed early.

Monday went perfectly. Rested, excited to be back in the gym, overall in a routine and ready to kill it… But not ready to speak to soon.

Tuesday was much the same. Admittedly a little over my current workouts but that’s the 6th week boredom and they should be changing up this weekend.

Today… I woke up 20 minutes before my alarm. My meals are ready so I’m sitting on the couch chilling. I’ve finally got my sleep schedule on track and feel confident in saying this new schedule works for me (… And the overtime I can now do).

It hasn’t been easy. I’ve really struggled this last week and a half but I finally feel back on track and mentally in a good place.

My proudest moment though is not even considering my old stand by of emotional eating. Looking back now I wonder how I avoided that… But I’m very happy I did.

I must be enjoying this lifestyle thing?

  1. Wow! Sorry you had a rough time, but way to go with the eating! I am doing something similar (especially since I’m 7 months pregnant right now). I focus on making the right choice and not eating my feelings… not so much dieting right now. It’s hard, but every day I make progress. Such a huge accomplishment!

  2. I’m glad to know that even the midst of a stressful situation you are handling it well. It seems like the rest days did well for you at least mentally. That work schedule seriously seems optimal to me though as well.

  3. dotsie924 says:

    glad your back! just grab the cat and cuddle 🙂 best thing for crappy times.

  4. Welcome back! I’ve missed your posts 🙂

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