Attitude Is Everything

Posted: March 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

… And it’s time to admit mine over the last two weeks has needed a huge adjustment.

When I was saying how fast and awesome my workout was yesterday I said maybe it was the super sets and new plan.. Or maybe my decision to stop being a little bitch was kicking in.

Either way….

First I was burnt out… Then I was bored… Add in an unhealthy dose of constant “fat” self talk and doubt that I’d ever be ready and I was sitting on a ticking time bomb.

Two options: quit and be “normal”… Of quit the negativity.

Looking at the doubt at being ready first. This is my third show with blueprint.

Show 1: I want to be leaner, I want to get my health in order, I want to look my absolute best.


Done and done.

Show 2: i want to be bigger, fuller but still lean. I had no rebound, learned to say goodbye to the scale, worked my ass off and well…


7 pounds heavier, my first top five placing and yeah… The best becca ever.

So obviously Jody knows how to get me to my goal, that doesn’t need to change (and was never even an option, lets be honest. Blueprint for life here)

So what’s left to change?

Oh right, my attitude.

It got better Friday. I told myself I was going to wake up and just get shit done. Progress pics and out the door by 8 for the gym. Kickass workout, busy day and totally on plan.

Kept it up Sunday. Gym, rest, meal prep. Bed early with a crazy alarm set. It went off and I almost reset it… Almost

But I heard the coffee going in the kitchen and knew I’d be mad if I didn’t do this. So here I am heading to the gym for preshift #1 cardio.

Yup. Morning cardio. My own choice. Trying something new to go along with my new attitude.

I’m not letting anything stop me now. It’s been a tough couple of weeks but now? Yeah… Now the next ten weeks are going to fly by. It’s not going to be easy, and yes, this badass attitude is going to be tested and waiver… But nothing is stopping me now.

Committed, determined, ready to do this.

  1. dotsie924 says:

    Fabulous Monday post! 😀

  2. If anyone is going to succeed and rock this, it’s YOU! Have a great week!!

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