Feeling a Little Rediculous

Posted: March 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

… But even more thankful.

I think dating any sort of athlete is a challenge. Team commitments, workouts, mental preparations…. Then add in the bonus of a figure competitor who not only eats for her goals, but remaining strict with the eating plan has even higher stakes.

Someone whose relationship I really admire and…. Associate with???… Is Hollie. That chick is not only a kick ass runner, she’s newly working in her career and in a long distance relationship that she doesn’t splash all over the Internet.

I’m a firm believer in that people should know your relationship exists, but not the fine details of it. Call me a private person… Or just someone who has been there, done that… But I like the oddly simple details of what most people would see as a complicated relationship.

Anyway, I swear I have a point here.

Things have been a little crazy here lately. The new (stupid) work schedule, cardio, workouts, fighting off exhaustion. I’ve been doing much better over the last week (and crazy better so far this week) arranging my schedule and staying positive, but the moments still happen. You know those moments…. When something sets you off and there’s no reason for it, but it just does. All of a sudden the world is over, you’re damn well sure you’re being absolutely insane yet try as you may there’s no shaking the feeling.

That was me Saturday morning. The crazy going through my head was intense and I couldn’t even talk for fear of busting into irrational tears. Normally I would shut out the world, be upset and go cry alone when I could… But instead I went out of my comfort zone and simply said I needed a hug. That was it. I had a few wordless tears and knew I didn’t have to explain myself.

Those moments make me so thankful for the people in my life. My family, the bf, my friends.

I really lucked out.

  1. Chuck says:

    I totally totally get it. Smile : )

  2. I’m glad everything is going well and I can relate to this completely (obviously). Everything here has been really nuts and coming back from vacation has seemed harder this time. Has it only been a day…really…I’m sure I’ll have a couple melt downs his week but I’m trying to not let that happen.

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