Things I’m Doing Differently

Posted: March 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

… Not really because I want to… But because I need to.

It’s no real secret I’ve been struggling lately. Honestly I’ve never been so close to quitting in my life. Yes, there’s always days here and there I’m ready to throw in the towel, but I’m usually over it in 20 minutes. So when this feeling stuck around…. And was intensified by my foolish schedule change.. I almost thought it was the real deal.

…. Which is scary considering my suit is ordered and already in the mail.

Anyway, I knew something had to give. Either my attitude or my habits or who knows what, but changes had to happen and they had to start now.

The biggest hurdle I was facing was my “zombie” state every single morning. Without my lazy couch time preworkout and then work after I found I was rolling out of bed, grabbing my coffee, getting to work and immediately shutting my brain off and going on autopilot.

Yes, my job is mind numbing and doesn’t require a lot of deep thinking so I could do that. By the time it was gym time I was just done. Cranky, still not awake, not feeling it. So what did I decide to try last week?

Morning cardio.

Yup. After swearing off that years ago I now get up, toss my packed meals on my bag, pour a cup of coffee and hit the road. That 18-30 minutes (depending on the day) leaves me awake and perky. I no longer go for my workouts mid day dreading post workout cardio. I’m excited and ready for training again. Win/win.

To go along with this… The most shocking thing of all… I’ve cut back on my coffee consumption. I used to (easily) down a 10-12 cup pot sitting around the house in the morning. Now I have 1/2 a cup before cardio at most, and sometimes I finish the rest after, sometimes I don’t. At work I drink green tea and water and grab one cup of java moose preworkout.

It’s weird. Really weird. But I feel awesome. And I’m sleeping better. The weird dreams are still around, but yeah. It’s a start.

The changes aren’t huge. Just a slight rearranging of the workouts and less coffee. You’d think it wouldn’t make a difference but yeah… Game changer. This morning I was able to say easily that just going to morning cardio has saved this prep. I’m renewed, happy and back to my old self.

A little hard to believe, but I’ll take it.

  1. That’s a lot of coffee, my friend. No wonder you’re sleeping better.

    I’m in a slump too. My motivation to work is super low and I’m all grumpy about it. Like, even my trainer noticed and usually I can hide that stuff with my peppiness. Maybe I need to get my butt working out in the morning too? Although, my motivation to wake up early is also super low. But 20 minutes isn’t too bad. Just a little something to wake you up.
    Glad the morning thing is working for you!

  2. Holy crap, I don’t think I would ever sleep with that amount of caffeine LOL!!! I don’t drink coffee anymore, but when I did, I could never handle more than 1 cup a day. My stomach HATED it and if I drank it past 2pm, I was up all night. I’ve been on an herbal tea kick this winter and drink that shit all day long.

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