That 8 Week Mark

Posted: March 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

… Yup. Tomorrow is 8 weeks until show day.

I went from the worst two weeks of prep, ready to burst into unhappy tears at the drop of a hat to…. So beyond excited I could burst into tears I’m so happy.

Yesterday a little package arrived in the mail. And I do mean little.


Against my better judgement when I got home last night I tried on the bottoms. Expecting to start sobbing, instead I was trying to wipe the stupid grin off my face and contain my excitement.

Changes are happening. I’m seeing real results and I fully believe it’s because of my major attitude adjustment.

I absolutely love morning cardio.
I’m resting more.
My workouts are killer.


After years of work I’m seeing shoulder and arm definition. A thank you email accompanied the above photo to Jody.

Im putting less pressure on myself, but still 100% shooting for top three. The difference now is even if I don’t Achieve that I’ll know how much I’ve overcome to make this prep a success, trophy or not.

That’s the best part about being 8 weeks out.

  1. I love your attitude, how you’ve found a solution and bounced back, and you look GREAT! I’m excited about the next 8 weeks!

  2. You look awesome. So awesome and I cannot wait to see how you rock that bathing suit!

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