Well That Escalated Quickly

Posted: April 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

Yup. Blew through the 6 week mark and quickly approaching 5 weeks out.

Going to watch finals of Atlantics made me feel two things. Tiny muscle size and huge leanness wise.

I knew it would happen so I’m really trying to just not dwell on it. Really I’m choosing to dwell on an old obsession rekindled by my free birthday drink.


Yup. Unsweetened iced passion fruit tea.

Please also noticed I wore jeans Saturday. Like whoa. I also cooked two turkeys, did morning cardio, an afternoon workout and drive about 400k round trip. A lazy Sunday night on the couch watching…. Golf…. Was very welcome.

New diet rolled in yesterday. Immediately I was nervous, but now I’m focusing on getting a rice cake with almond butter back in my life and knowing Jody likes where I’m sitting right now.


As always… A 2 week difference. New suit on. 4500 crystals currently on route to my house. Bling bling.

I’m definitely feeling confident, but fearful. The good days definitely out weigh the bad and I feel like I’m kicking along at a good pace. Does that mean I’m happy with this prep?

Yup. There’s a lot going through my head and I have overcome a lot mentally. Thankfully those head games don’t seem to have set me back and now it’s just the final push. Just over three weeks then the usual 2 week peak process.

I can handle that.

  1. Your legs are looking awesome!! Really defined! You go girl!

  2. Hollie says:

    The final countdownnnn. I don’t know why that started playing in my head. Glad the new diet is going well. Remind me again what jeans are? That would be my personal biggest accomplishment. 😉

  3. lifttorun says:

    Always wanted to try that drink.

  4. Donloree says:

    You’re stoning your own suit? Awesome! I wouldn’t even know where to begin!

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