Midweek Checkin

Posted: May 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

So on paper this week I should feel like shit. I should be tired and cranky and miserable.

Until my bout of insomnia last night (unable to shut my brain off) I was feeling um…. Awesome.

But today?

I’m pretty beat. I had some early work drama Monday that thankfully got sorted out, but just work out. Tomorrow is a rest day though so that’s a bonus.

Diet wise, no issues. I’m dubbing this week eat all the turkey, do all the cardio… And that’s what I’m doing. Tight diet, double cardio and my usual workouts.

Payoff? Obviously. My waist is coming in big time and after only three days the difference is huge and noticeable. Yes please.

I officially (for this moment) feel on track, good and totally ready to rock that stage.

24 days

  1. Glad to hear it’s going well and hope you get some nice rest!

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