Last Progress Update

Posted: May 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

… Photo wise anyway. I don’t even know why I’m saying that and I may change my mind, but right now… At just under 3 weeks out I want to be like “bam, check me out on show day”

The time between these 2 photos is a week. The change to me (more so in person) is huge and quite honestly for the moment I feel like its going to be a tough 3 weeks, mentally and physically… But I’ll be ready.


There’s still lots of details to take care of (… Like finishing my suit) but I’ve got lists and plans and it’ll all get done.

In other news, the bf got back to town Saturday night.


Coffee and cardio for me… Unpacking beer for him. Balanced life/prep?

For those that have asked, no… He is not “like me”… As in a bodybuilder. Turns out I’m dating a runner, like a real runner. You know, a fast serious one. The opposite of me.

This fact means my birthday gift was functional for our Sunday dates, new kicks and a full out running outfit. Tried out the runners and my new shorts at the nature park yesterday.


3 minutes off our time from two weeks before. Not bad. (…. For a bodybuilder as he tells me)

The rest of my weekend was an early pain and gain viewing and meal prep.


I live my life one 3oz Baggie of turkey at a time. Here’s hoping I’ve got enough stockpiled (ok, hoarded) to last until show day. I realllllllly don’t want to cook another!

So cross your fingers people that 6 turkeys is the magic number for this prep!

… Please?!?

  1. Six turkeys is the magic number. I’m glad you are dating a runner…one day we can run a road race together. That’s a little dream of mine…

  2. A runner and a builder, sounds like a balanced match made in heaven 🙂

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