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So yeah… What’s up?

Sunday I was at the parentals. I jokingly asked mom to run with me… Next thing you know we were on our way to the trail in grand bay. 15-20 minutes out and then back. Run for me, walk for her.


Very excited for my moms dedication to her new fitness plan!

After we got home and I showered it was time for lunch. While I’m still not really back on dairy or wheat I’ve been wanting to try Greek yogurt pancakes forever so I stole some of moms blueberry yogurt and mixed us up a batch to split.


With egg whites and cinnamon on the side…. Bodybuilder for life I guess haha

Even with my (slowly) increasing mileage I’m still getting stronger in the gym. Yes, it’s slow goings… But I’m also trying to stay leaner. Regardless I’m over 200 on my deadlifts, back up to just over (estimated) body weight on squats and hovering right around my bench press PR. I guess you could say things are going well.


I’m feeling leaner in my upper body finally and just overall pretty damn good. I love shocking myself with how much my body is capable of, and I seem to be doing that more and more lately.

It’s a good feeling.

Just over 17 miles last week, plus finished up my first round of my new workouts. On deck this week, started round 2 and aiming for 22 miles. Already at 6.5 in two days, so I should hit that.

… Which means ill most likely run more this week than the entire of last year.

True story

  1. I really like that you were able run with your mom. How awesome is that.

    I also enjoy how much you are getting into running in general. I know you are doing competitions anymore, but just wondering has your diet changed at all? Would you be willing to post or email me about it?

    • ihearteggs says:

      My diet is honestly pretty much a usual offseason diet for me. I’m eating more fruit over “starchy” carbs… But that’s because it’s summer and fruit is delicious.

      I should probably just so a post on this haha

  2. So did you like the pancakes? Way to leave me hanging 🙂

    I love that you are incorporating running WITH lifting. There can be a balance!!

  3. Great job on all fronts! ive been meaning to come on here and comment for a while!
    first,kudos to you in regards to your decision to not compete. sometimes it takes more courage to decide NOT to compete than to get on stage itself. i think you have a firm grasp on knowing that shows will always be there,and its not the end of the world if you choose not to do one. a show will always be ready when you are!
    AND great way to get on the running wagon! as running was my first passion before competitions,i totally understand how much of a stress relief running is–especially when racing because lets face it-running is black and white. fastest runner wins. there are no gray areas,no one comparing your butt to the gal next to you…its just you and the clock….fastest runner wins with no subjectivity at all!! and also,once you do enough road races and such,you will recognize that runners have different sportsmanship than those in the bodybuilding world,for the most part(dont get me wrong,there are several nice genuine ppl in the bodybuilding realm,sometimes they are harder to find though)….ie there are no politics. you dont win races by knowing the race director or having the most popular running coach….
    changing gears for a little while while still focusing on eating healthy, lifting heavy and having a running goal will do wonders!
    keep up the great work-
    you are awesome!!

  4. Wow! you are killing it. Glad you found something you enjoy fitness wise 🙂 I used to love running, but now I love lifting a lot more 🙂

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