Well That Escalated Quickly

Posted: June 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

Back when I started this whole “running thing” I was googling plans and stressing and all the typical becca OCD stuff. When I complain to the bf he said skip the googled plans and just run. Start with 3 runs a week about 20 minutes. The next week add 5 minutes… Eventually just go a little further/longer every week.

Simple enough right?

In the beginning I wanted to die. I never thought I’d have to run more than 4 miles training a few times a week. Maybe I’d knock out one or two 6 mile runs for good measure but yeah, how hard could a measles 25 minute 5k be?


My attitude has totally changed. My average run is now 4-6 miles, in only a month there’s been a slight jump in my weekly mileage and I’m realizing this goal is going to take more than a week or two of training.

Lets be honest here. I’m not running blazing fast speeds or crazy high mileage, but since I started tracking my running I’ve logged over 100 miles total and finally have 2 runs under a 9 minute/mi pace.

Small happenings, but ill take it.

I even ran half of a half marathon last week.


I can now say I have zero desire to run a full half marathon, but hey… Every run I do is bringing me closer to me goal.

The thing about running is I’m finding it so much easier to make small weekly goals that all lead up to accomplishing my real goal.

This week?

27-29 miles.
2/5 runs sub 9 minute mile average pace
1 painful massively hilly run

Simple. To the point. Totally doable. I even have one of my sub 9 runs completed. One more then the rest is just a bonus.

The weather is about to take a turn for the worse and I’m notoriously a fair weather runner so we shall see how this week pans out.

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m really hoping I can avoid the treadmill.


  1. I’m so proud of you and your mentality. I def think short term goals help propel me to a longer term goal. I hope you don’t have too many (or really any) treadmill runs this week.

  2. Sam says:

    Didn’t you run a 37-minute 5 miler once? I seem to remember reading about it; it was after one of your contests. At this point it must be a couple years ago (yeah, i’m a longtime lurker). I remember thinking to myself (as someone who did mostly HIIT on the treadmill) “Hm, I wonder if *I* could run 5 miles that fast.” And then I got into training for a 5k and ultimately ran under 19 minutes and came in 1st or 2nd female in a bunch of road races, so… thank you.

    Anyhow, you clearly have potential to be there again. So awesome you’ve got something new to pursue. Keep us updated?

  3. Hey Bec! I fell off the blogging map for a while. I can’t get over how amazing you are! I swear I ran a 5 mile road race once and though I was an iron woman (no seriously).

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