Running Recap and Weekly Goals

Posted: July 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

Last week I set some mini running goals.

27-29 miles
2/5 runs sub 9/mi pace
1 painful hilly run

The verdict?


A success in my book! The weather was absolute %#^ last week and my Wednesday run was cut short at 4 miles (… 4 miles is now short?!?) but I made up for it with a bonus mile on my Saturday run hitting a new distance PR of 7. In the rain. With a way sub 9/mi. Yes please.

I actually had 3 runs below 9 minute mile paces. Which kind of evens out with my spectacularly shitty run Sunday which involved my first fall and just a mental crap shoot.

Such is life, I’m choosing not to dwell on it and move on. It’s the only way ill accomplish my goals this week.

30 miles
3/5 runs sub 9
Steady pace.. No big ups and downs.
4 gym workouts

Nothing crazy or out of the ordinary. Just a nice short list of mini goals that will get me closer to my real long term goal.

  1. This is success. I think I’d hover around 30 miles personally for a while. 40 miles is when a lot of random injuries start to pop up (like plantar fascitis). Nice job.

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