Big Fat Fail Lessons

Posted: July 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

Yup, that was last week. A big fat fail.

But it wasn’t just about running, it was about planning, priorities and learning to not take myself so damn seriously all the time.

I had lofty goals. 30 miles and 4 gym workouts… Which logically should have fit into my plans seamlessly. But I made those goals without taking into account one big factor.


Monday was Canada day… But in bigger news the first holiday I didn’t work and the bf had zero practices/meets/hugely pressing issues. Sunday night we went out for dinner and drinks were had. Monday the sun finally came out and we decided to well, be normal people.

We walked through the NB museum, checked out the Canada day happenings, had gelato in the market and then decided real food was probably smart so we finally got to try the new Korean/Japanese place on King. Add in a late afternoon movie and the day was the perfect write off.

Tuesday i chose to meal prep and put off running… Which is when I revised my goals to just run 5 miles 4 times. Easy enough.

Yeah well… I ended up with 3 gym workouts, 3 5 mile runs.

I got in a run Saturday morning, and hit the gym Sunday morning with intentions to run after. Well a text from mom at the gym had me finishing up my workout, grabbing the essentials from my place and this.


Last summer I was so uptight on diets and goals and staying on track. This year I’m striving for balance. One lacking week of runs isn’t going to leave me passed out in exhaustion when I get back on track. Splitting dessert with my bf isnt going to make me gain 20 lbs. I’m not ditching my goals or justifying my fail last week. I’m embracing it and using it to plan better.

Life is going to happen. Sometimes I can plan for it like I did Saturday. I got up early and got my run done before taking off down the coast. Sunday? Well it just didn’t work out that way and that’s ok. July is pretty much cut and dry easy. I should have no issues (other than this heat…) but in August we’ve got another long weekend, then I’m actually off for almost two weeks for vacation. It’s going to be day trips, randomness and then labour day weekend down in Maine shopping.

It’s not always going to be perfect so that’s why I’m going to try and keep my goals simple. So for this week;

25-30 miles
Less focus on pace
4 gym workouts

Just letting it happen and see where it goes. Left foot, right foot. Repeat.

  1. We all have those weeks, whether it’s running….weights…whatever. I am glad to see less focus on pace because honestly I think that will benefit you so much more then you think! Good luck this week Becca!

  2. Liz says:

    I love reading about your transition to running more and balancing life and working out! I wouldn’t say that you failed last week. In fact, I think it was a success–goals are there to be something to strive for, but you still put in work and you were successful at not only balancing it all, but realizing it’s okay to balance it all and not feel guilty. Inspiring 🙂

  3. Balance. It’s a tough pill to swallow. Have a great weekend 🙂

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