Finding My Balance

Posted: July 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

To say last week was a bit better than the week before would be an understatement.

I realized I was struggling with my non-planned running. I was having trouble “allowing” myself to run easy. I was always pushing myself too hard and unsure of what to do next. Flipping through the runners world magazine I “borrowed” from Jason I found this.


Yes, the training plan is for a half marathon (no my goals have NOT changed, I’m not running a half) but the intro was “if you run 25-30 miles a week with a long run of 6 miles” well… That’s me to a T. I read the article on Monday night. First run says 6 miles. I ran 6 that morning. Lets just into this plan.

I liked knowing exactly what runs I had. That it was ok to run easy and not kill myself every run. I did my hard workout on the hilliest route I could find, I pushed myself Saturday and completed my longest run everrrrr


Which led me to use my wonderful Starbucks card on my phone on the way home to grab a soy-sugar free-no whip caramel mocha frappachino. How’s that for a high maintenance drink? I get you shouldn’t “reward yourself” with food, but um… According to my app it was all of 150 cals and knowing without my coupon it would have been 6$+ I won’t be doing it frequently. So whatever. It was 4000 degrees and delicious. Win.

This leads into my perfect “balance” example. After the run I could have been a zombie, instead I showered, wore real girl clothes and had brunch with mom. Delicious chorizo and sweet potato containing brunch.

Then we went glasses shopping. Yeah, had my eye appointment Friday and my eyes are getting better and still don’t NEED my glasses but hey, work covers them. Why not?

The rest of the weekend was fitting in a quickie nature park run and one of my favourite places around.


My eats weren’t perfect, but ill give myself a 90% pass and I’m ok with that. I got my 30 miles, my 4 gym workouts and found a little balance… And some deliciousness.


… And I can now say grilled corn on the cob is the love of my life. No shame.

So the plan for this week?

32 miles total
4 gym workouts
95% nutrition

Nothing crazy in life this week, no planned overtime yet, no appointments. Hoping to fit in a quickie lunch date mid week, but otherwise.. Apartment is clean, food in the fridge, cat being overly dramatic over the heat


In other words, nothing crazy to hold me back. Awesome.

  1. I’m glad to hear this week was a little better. I personally just found the glory of using Starbucks on my phone ad boy do I love it. I’m about to become obsessed and blow my budget…well at least I’m honest I guess.

  2. I heart corn…I mean….really, REALLY heart it but I’ve never had grilled corn in the cob. I feel so left out!

  3. ohhhhhhhh, that corn. Hell to the freaking yes.

  4. Sable Weisman says:

    Becca!!! Where have you gone?!??!?!

    Miss ya!! Hope all is unspeakably awesome 😉

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