Post Show Recovery Plan

Posted: November 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

Back in May when I ended prep I went a little… Off the rails. I’m not talking binging and baked goods, but simply eating out and booze.

… Which included my hangover cure of warm caramel muffins and javaMoose coffee on my way to work.


I’ve never been much of one to discuss weight, but when I started prep in august I weighed in just under 140lbs, about 20 lbs over my stage weight from last November. Honestly I get on the scale maybe 4 times a year, but to use it as a baseline, I ended up being 126lbs on stage.

For ME this fluctuation in on/off season weight is my healthy/happy range, but with that being said, I’m not planning to compete again and ideally I’d like to even out around 10lbs more than I weigh now.

This week I’ve been exhausted by 8pm, but Monday night after getting groceries I felt ready to get back to the gym. Wanting to keep things light I decided on week 1 of my new running plan and just 3 workouts of whatever I felt like. Today I felt like dead lifts, so dead lifts it was.

Deadlifts (from floor) 5×5
Reverse grip barbell rows 5×5
Wide grip pull downs 3×8
Straight arm press downs 3×8
Ez bar curls 4×8

My biggest focus now (and ongoing) will be ditching the ego, slowing down my work and focusing on form over anything else. It hurt me a little inside to only be pulling 155lbs today, but I know the bigger numbers will be back soon.

I followed it up with a 30 minute treadmill run. I covered just a little over 3 boring ass miles. Definitely need to figure out the freezing cold/dark runs sooner rather than later, I don’t know if I can run 3x a week inside.

Diet wise… Saturday even can be summed up with vodka and burgers. Sunday was just a write off as I professed my love for BBQ, ezikiel pizzas, dark chocolate and trader joes goodies.


But Monday was back to business as usual. I felt like absolute garbage and honestly just want to stay on track. Sure I’ve brought red mets back into my life, enjoyed chorizo scrambled with egg whites and swapped out sweet potato for ezikiel English muffins, but my schedule remains the same, my oatmeal still happens every night before bed and thankfully my stomach seems to be happy once again.

Baby steps to continuing on with this lifestyle I’ve created. I often joke that I lack an off switch, but in reality this is just who I am.

  1. Hang in there girl you got this I’m 2 weeks out and coming in really lean I’d like to get in a little more muscle after this show. It’s hard finding that balance between shows

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