Winter Running Secrets

Posted: November 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Ummm… Got any?

I’ve actually been doing pretty well with my running. Last week was planned as 3×40 minutes. Two of those were done before work on the treadmill… And Sunday I woke up to no wind, sun and decent temperatures so I had my coffee and bundled up for my first outdoor run since thanksgiving.



Sunday was four degrees but zero windchill. I was perfectly happy in tights, a long sleeve, windbreaker and hat. Not too hot not too cold. The run felt easier than expected and life was good.

This week is a 3×50 week.

Tuesday morning I woke up planning to hit the gym treadmill but it seemed… Not cold. I checked the weather, 7 degrees… Feels like 5. A two degree windchill? That’s nothing.

Grabbed my favourite tights, a long sleeve, baseball hat instead of a toque and headed out thinking it was warmer than Sunday.

Yeah. It was definitely colder as soon as I left but instead of going back inside and layering up I headed off on my planned route. I wanted to quit 17 times in the first mile. It was windy and my hands were cold. I was slow and achy. At about 25 minutes in I said f-this and headed home. On the way I did the mental math and knew I wouldn’t have time to make this run up later in the week.

So I circled. And did a few out and backs. And finished 5.05 miles in 50. Slow. Painful. Miserable. But done.


Just as the sun was coming up.

Lesson learned. Overdress. Always wear a hat. Invest in some mittens.

In other words, use my freaking head. It’s November. In canada.

(Yes, I’m aware the east coast is not the prairies deep freeze. I wouldn’t leave my cozy bed for anything if I was there)

So let’s hear it. Who’s got some winter running tips or can point me in the right direction?!?

  1. Victoria says:

    Priority is to keep your extremities warm. And make sure all fabric on you is wicking, or you’ll freeze.

    • ihearteggs says:

      Perk of all the sample sales I used to go to from work… And all my former attempts at running… I have a crap ton of sweat wicking running attire for all weather conditions!

  2. Sarah AJ says:

    I’m slowly trying to switch my winter running gear to primarily wool. I just got an Icebreaker shirt, and it’s the best. Layers are the way to go, and I’ll second the recommendation to focus on extremities.

  3. allieksmith says:

    Yes… I agree with Victoria… have good mittens and keep those feet warm!

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