Post Competition Slump

Posted: November 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

Some people immediately shut down after a show. You don’t see them in the gym, they go off the rails with food and generally hate everything involving health.

Other people take a few days off, enjoy the treats and get back to it.

Then there’s me. Right after a show I always have another goal in mind. I admit to going back to my hotel after prejudging, stretching out and plotting.

I automatically transfer my prep enthusiasm directly into that new goal and set out on accomplishing it right away. Back to the gym after a day or two off, planning meals, googling ideas. In a way I guess this is my way of transferring my energy and focus onto something else. The post show blues are a very real thing and if I was to sit home and eat cookies and watch 90210 I’d quit life. It’s just not me.

But then… 2-3 weeks after the show it hits. I’m coasting along happy and wonderful not a care in the world then bam! I’m done. That’s exactly what happened last week. I ran Tuesday and got in a workout at night. Wednesday was a planned full rest day and I intended on hitting the gym after work.

… Only I had a crappy day at work. I was cranky and over everything. So I did the most logical thing. Packed up my gym stuff and walked directly past the gym and straight into the mall. Christmas shopping time. I picked up a few things, poked around for ideas and happily went home to my couch.

Friday I reset my alarm when it went off to run… And when dad called asking if if wanted to go to Costco and watch the Habs game after work I again ignored my gym bag and didn’t care in the least. Saturday morning I wasn’t too sure how I was feeling. I was up early, went for breakfast with dad and did the target/Walmart/coupon bitch thing and headed towards the gym.

I had my running stuff with me but kept my workout lowkey and didn’t change out of my lulus and converse.


… Which btw is my new favorite training attire.

But anyway, the chest and arm workout went better than expected. I had time to run but did I want to do 50 minutes on a treadmill? No. I told myself hit 25 minutes and I could quit and go to Starbucks. 20-25 minute mark is where I generally start to feel ok… And when I hit it I just kept on jogging along. 5.2 miles done. Who knew?

I got in a sweet deadlift/back workout yesterday, but chose to be a responsible adult (ha!) and rush home to clean/shower/meal prep before the hunger games/grey cup/walking dead date. Apparently I was all about multitasking?

My next step is to get together a more formal training plan weights wise. Flying by the seat of my pants is easy and fun… But not great long term goal wise. Running is staying with the easy, left foot, right foot repeat of my runs right now and I’ll deal with details when I’m told to.

But thankfully, much better mentally, physically feeling pretty good and ready to put this slump out of my head and move on.

  1. Victoria says:

    I experience the same sequence of events after a big goal race – for 2-3 weeks, I’m chasing a new goal, and then I go “ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.” Getting through that funk is hard, but you seem to be doing it. Well done.

  2. I agree with Victoria. You’ll get through this funk and make it to your next journey. I’m currently in a huge running funk myself and just trying to push through it.

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