Here Goes Nothing

Posted: January 5, 2014 in gear, goals, running

Last Spring I randomly suggested going for a run at the nature park with Jason. This was his first time going there and our first time running together… And it wasn’t awful. For my birthday in April he gave me new running shoes. I was in prep at the time and all I had to wear running was best up frees, which was obviously not the best option.

Between when I started tracking my runs through daily mile and the end of the year I put 365 miles on those best up nike flex something or others… So yeah. I knew I needed new kicks. I had started wearing my old Pegasuses and was aware I needed a more supportive shoe for the new goals I have.

Enter my Christmas present…


I admit I’m a life long nike shoe snob and thankfully Jason is too. He grabbed me an updated pair of the Pegasus while he was down in Florida and while they felt a bit.. Clunky?… At first I absolutely love them now. It also helps they’re part of the “shield” line and totally look super glue in the dark like in the gym. Yeah, easily amused.

So why the new kicks? Why the emphasis on a more supportive shoe for my “freakishly high arches”?

2014 goal:

A goal: TBD
B goal: 1:59:59 half marathon
C goal: … I hate “just finishing” goals

The goal race is still up in the air as it’s a challenge finding a race on a weekend Jason isn’t at the track, but I’m not too worried about it at this point. There’s still a half a foot of snow/ice on the sidewalks (if they’re plowed at all) so I’m just putting in the time on the treadmill for now and will re-evaluate when the weather is a bit more favourable.

My biggest priority right now is working on eating habits. In the past I’ve taken to running to lose weight/count as cardio… Not specifically to accomplish what I feel is a big goal (for me). I’m not usually one for these type of pictures, but I felt like this was fitting considering my current outlook.


I’m not a natural runner, nor am I fast or anything special. But I am hardworking and committed to this. I do however refuse to give up lifting and life to accomplish this. I love the gym and I love that running is a tangible goal, but one I can fit into my life rather than try to fit my life around it like competing was.

So here’s to the beginning of my first half marathon training, doubling my miles from 2013 (hitting 730 total) and just being the best running, non-runner I can be.

  1. I cannot wait to see you run this half marathon and do well.

    I have always found that running and nutrition is a hard act to balance but I know you will do well with it. I cannot believe it’s been so short since you started running, it honestly seems like so much longer!

  2. allieksmith says:

    Yeah!! This is awesome. I think it’s great that your looking towards a goal race and using running for different reasons, and still doing lifting–which I know you LOVE! Cheers to a new year and your new shoes 🙂

  3. Melissa cunningham says:

    Love it you plan on tackling the half mary!!!!
    And a stronger runner is a faster runner. Read: strength training during race training helps prevent injuries. Focusing on core strength, incorporating plyos and other sport specific drills in conjunction with your normal lifting schedule will benefit your body when you run. Doesn’t matter what your pace is, whether its a 10 min mile pace or a 5 min mile pace, keeping your lift sessions is important!
    : )
    No doubts you will reach and exceed your goals. Keep being awesome. !

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