The Weight Thing

Posted: January 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

I don’t know why i got on the scale Sunday morning.

It was there?
I was curious?
I needed to know?

…. I just wanted a check point?

Even when I was competing I rarely weighed myself. Usually at the start of prep and the day before a show. That’s it. Just a baseline to measure growth/change.

Over the years my stage weight gradually went from mid 120’s… To mid teens… Back up to (a much leaner) mid 120’s. The last two years I’ve maintained within 10-15 lbs off season and have felt frets and wonderful doing so. After provincials in November and my decision to step away from competing I feared the old habits would be back.

With the holidays looming and no bulk/show/whatever goal it was a potential food free for all… That never happened. Sure I had days where I ate by the seat of my pants and probably “too much”… But I had other days when I just wasn’t that hungry and I didn’t force myself to eat everything exactly as planned.

Turns out, that little bit of balance is working very well for me.

I admit I’m not always 100% comfortable with how I look, I am comfortable with how I’m progressing both mentally on the “diet” side of life and physically in the gym and in my runs. Like I mentioned yesterday my goal is to maintain within 5 lbs of my current weight until March 1. I may weigh in, I may not until then, but clothes should tell the biggest story and I’m okay with that. It’s time to find the happy medium, to fuel my workouts and runs, but not kill myself to eat on schedule and exactly as planned.

Apparently life doesn’t work like that and I’m slowly becoming ok with that fact.

  1. I’m really glad it’s working for you and not as stressful as you imagined it would be. It is so exciting to read that!

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