Training Log January 13-19

Posted: January 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

Main workout: 2 rep max bench, 3×8 bench
Accessory work: Back/chest detail/triceps

Really really happy with my upper body increases. The weights are steadily going up and I’m feeling/seeing the results. Win


Main workout: 3×8 Deadlift, 2×15 dead

Accessory work: Hamstrings, back, shrugs, biceps

Everything felt heavy. Very very heavy.


Alarm 4:45am. Everything packed to go to the gym to run. Sat down with a cup of coffee and debated taking a cab to my preferred gym next to work (buses don’t run that early). Figured if I was going to take a cab I might as well run outside and cab to work if I was late. About 3 degrees and looked super windy from my apartment window… surprisingly NOT windy or that chilly.

Slow. Painfully slow. Very okay with that. Still not 100% after being sick, lungs are still meh. But I ran…. and I didn’t die.

3 miles


Main workout: 3×8 overhead press, 2×15 press
Accessory work: Laterals, rear delts, chest, back, triceps.

I just wanted this workout over. Completely over. I started out good, but by the end I wanted my bed.


Full rest day. Still up at the ass crack of dawn (actually before dawn….) but no desire to run. So I did all those things I “want” to do but never seem to find the time. Like dyed my hair…. and did the dishes.


Bed early on Friday. No alarm set. Woke up around 8, laid around for an hour and got up, walked straight past the couch, turned on the Keurig so it would be ready when I got home,  and headed out. The weather is supposed to turn back to winter temperatures this week so I figure it was best to take advantage of it. Only -1, no wind. Sadly the harbour passage turns to a skating rink with frost so I had to alter my route and headed up around Fort Howe and Douglas Ave. Nothing crazy, slow, but not too painful considering all the hills.

4 miles.


Total rest day. I thought about the gym, but wanted the couch more. Oh well.

Total Workouts: 3

Total Miles: 7

Right now I’m choosing to not share my pace and times with my miles. To me it’s getting sucked into a comparison trap I don’t want or need. Yes, through my watch I do have all the data, but it’s unimportant to me at this time. Someday I’ll go back and compare I’m sure… but for now, I’m just running. Simple.

  1. That is very smart and wise of you Becca. I tend to not share a lot of my paces (especially on dailymile) because I hated people comparing them, ect. I love looking at your workouts though. They are so interesting.

  2. Tina Muir says:

    I agree with you 100% about the comparision trap! I am falling into that a lot right now as I compare how I am running now with when I was in 2:40 marathon shape last fall. That is smart not to post it! Focus on feeling better and running by feel. You are still getting it in, even while sick, and thats all that matters 🙂

    • ihearteggs says:

      Thank you for the encouragement! I had no idea the comparison trap was going to be this bad… But it makes me feel a little more chill knowing even seasoned runners feel this way

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