No Such Thing As Too Slow

Posted: January 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

I quit buying magazines forever ago. Not worth the cash and just junk piled up. And really… What isn’t available online these days?

But needless to say, last night at Target I got sucked in.

No such thing as too slow? An article for beginners?

Treadmill survival tips? (Sign me up!)

2014 half marathon calendar? Ok!

I’d get in on the reflective gear excitement, but ummmm yeah, thanks to Jason I’m already probably too visible.

My nike Pegasus kicks are from the “shield” line and my new vapour jacket matches. Between that and my orange leopard tights I’m already lit up like the Fourth of July.

Anyway… The point is, I bought a magazine in case I get a little stuck on a bus/at work tomorrow with the fantastic day we have in store tomorrow.

Blizzard warning? Did I not go to the movies a week ago in a long sleeve tshirt?! Ugh. East coast living.

I find myself really throwing myself into running and wanting to soak up all the info I can get.


Favourite running resources? Blogs? Books?!

  1. I actually like a lot of online running resources that you can google. I frequent the Runner’s World website myself (cliche runner) and half to look for various races.

  2. Donna D says:

    I love the Form Before Footwear blog for aggregating some of the best running writing out there.

  3. Tracy says:

    I always buy Runners World and Womens Running. I love them both. I like Run Eat Repeat (blog). She does a lot of race reviews. Otherwise, I just get online and google.

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