Finding My Momentum

Posted: January 31, 2014 in Uncategorized

Knowing I’ve got four days coming up with temperatures hovering around the freezing mark makes me one happy chick. The sidewalks aren’t fantastic but I’m thinking I might get in one, if not two outdoor runs in the next few days. Fingers crossed!

I wish I could say my lack of blogging was from crazy busy excitement… But nope, just nothing fantastic to talk about.

It’s been a good week… Well
Any week that starts off with these “snacks” listed in your myfitnesspal for Sunday has to be good right?

For the record, the amount in 4 glasses is equal to a full bottle….

Regardless I had a productive Monday and a kick ass 4 mile run after my workout. Where did that come from?! Whatever, I’m working on finding that running momentum and hopefully that’s a decent start. Often times I workout in my yoga pants from work and just change my top, saying I’ll swap out the pants for shorts and run after.

Ummm…. That’s happened maybe once? Oops. So my plan for any day I intend to run after work is to simply change right away and get one mile done and over with before my workout. It seems to result in the highest success rate for post workout runs…. So yeah.

I got the word yesterday my wide open overtime has been extended another month. I’m big on the hour of overtime in the morning before I start my real job (… Because it’s easy), and unfortunately this doesn’t leave much pre-work gym run time. So unless the warmish weather sticks around I need to become an evening runner fast.

More coffee should fix that right?!

Yes, more coffee is always the answer.


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