Training January 22-February 2

Posted: February 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

Main workout: 3×10 pause squats
Accessory work: hamstrings, back, biceps

Preworkout: 1 mile
Post workout: 3 miles

Main workout: 3×10 bench press
Accessory work: shoulders, back, triceps

Full rest day

Preworkout: 1 mile

Main workout: 3×6 wide leg deadlifts
Accessory work: quads, back, biceps

Full rest…. Yes, already

Long run day… Well long for me.

5 miles. Outdoors.

Was chillier than expected, didn’t pause my watch the 5 or 6 times I had to walk to pick over a bad ice patch. Except mile two (major hill, major ice) I held fairly consistent, but ever so slightly negative splits.

Had the 5th mile back along the harbour passage not cause extreme stuff joints and muscles from the wind I would have done a 6th, but I was already late and over it. Not too concerned as 5 miles was still 2 more than I originally thought I’d get.

Preworkout: 1 mile

Main workout: 3×6 shoulders
Accessory work: chest, back, triceps and shoulders, shoulders, shoulders.

Total workouts: 4
Total miles: 11

I wanted to run at least 2 miles Sunday to add one more from last weeks total, but this was one of the weeks that time just got away from me and I had only an hour in the gym, a crushing headache and it just wasn’t happening. But I’m not complaining because it was a good one overall.

Another storm is heading our way for Wednesday apparently… My ideal goal for February is at least one outdoor run per week, just to get started. But as always, I’m at the mercy of winter (and yes, a giant wimp about it)

Sundays workout marked the end of my second go around (since my show) of the Ashman strength system workouts. I’m not even going to lie and say I researched new plans, this is working so well for me. Hovering around or slightly beating old PRs, even with my inconsistent training over the holidays. I just love the variety and the fact on good days I can play around and add in a bit more, but on worn out days I can do the set workout and be done in 40-50 minutes. Right here, right now it’s the plan for me. Here’s to another 4 weeks!

  1. Jay Ashman says:

    Love that this is giving you the results you want 🙂 keep it up!

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