Training August 4-10

Posted: August 11, 2014 in training

I thought I would go back to what i was doing during my last brief blogging stint, tracking my workouts from the previous week. Hopefully this will not only keep me on track with my running goals, but also in the gym and with my newfound desire to clean up my eating.

Monday August 4: Happy New Brunswick Day! Since it was a holiday I was lazy and slow getting up. By the time I headed into town it was already hot and I had zero desire to run. Gym it was.

  • 25 minutes cross training (bike intervals/incline power walking)
  • Back workout

Tuesday August 5:

  • 5 miles AM. I had taken two (oops) Benedryl to help my allergies and it zonked me out hardcore Monday night. was definitely feeling the effects of this, but overall. Decent run.
  • Arm workout PM

Wednesday August 6: Wednesdays are my morning only days…. it’s date night so after work I usually head right over to the bf’s place to relax, although in the case of this week I skipped out of work early (planned, but still) and we caught an afternoon movie (Guardians of the Galaxy, awesome) and had a chill evening at home.

  • 7 miles morning… Set the alarm a little earlier than every before with the intentions of running 6 miles… felt good, had time, did 7. Happy with this.

Thursday August 7: Thursday is usually my gym treadmill interval workout… however…

  • 25 minutes cross training AM. Forgot my caffeine supplement, mental game off. Tired. Zero desire to be there. Did an easy cardio and went to work early.
  • Shoulders PM

Friday August 8:

  • 5 miles. Very tired legs. I was actually up and ready to go fairly easily but getting my legs moving was another story. Fairly slow and even paced but not that enjoyable.

Saturday August 9:

Full fantastic rest day. Usually Sundays are rest days but my bum foot has been a little off and was really achy when I got up, so no run, no gym…. Just errands, a little shopping, mostly of the window variety, and a lot of Gossip Girl on the couch.

Sunday August 10:

  • 5 miles at the nature park. I haven’t run a full loop at the park yet this year. So weird. Intended on 2 loops (going for about 8 miles), but really just wasn’t feeling it. After one loop I was hot, could feel a sunburn looming and was just over it. Added a little extra to make an even 5 and then promptly removed my shoes to ice my foot in the Bay…. and then just to see what all the fuss was about I plopped my ass down and had an impromptu ice bath. Shivering was immediate, but it actually felt pretty decent. Thankfully I had my laundry in the truck so I had a towel, otherwise, oopsie?
  • 20140811-083534-30934946.jpg

  • Chest/shoulders gym

Total miles for August 35/100

Overall, very pleased with this week. I felt decent and aside from a little bit of lingering foot stiffness on the right track. There’s been lots of icing and mentally willing myself to not be injured and so far (knock on wood) it seems to be working.

On the food front very solid first week. Saturday I probably had one two many rice cakes, but much improved from weeks past. That’s all I want, improvement and continued progress.

How was your training week?

  1. Hollie says:

    I’m glad to see that training is going so well for you. I’m glad your lingering foot issue is going away. You know I can relate to that.

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