My 100 Mile Debate

Posted: August 25, 2014 in goals, running, training

Last summer I tried to hit 100 miles in a month. I came close with 90-something miles, but never succeeded. Running was put on the back burner when I (again) entered prep but I always kind of wanted to say I ran 100 miles in a month.

Again this summer I wanted to achieve this… I came close with 98 a couple of months ago… But then running slowed down before I committed to 75 in July (and succeeded)

I know for a lot of people that’s not much. Hell, a lot of runners pull that off in a week, but for someone who started running 3 miles here and there it’s kind of a lot.

Declaring my goal of 75 miles in July really committed me to it and I actually stuck to it and followed through so I decided to make the 100 miles a goal in august. I started out strong and even with a bad week of quitting running and not quite hitting 20 that week I’m still right on track to hit 100.

As we close in on the end of August I can’t help but think ahead to what’s next. I fully intend to set another mileage goal for September and initially I told myself 100 again. However… It makes me nervous, I admit it’s been tough, I had some bad runs, I’ve had to get up even earlier… But to be able to say this weekend I finally succeeded in this big goal will be rewarding.

So what’s next? Do I want to be a little crazy and do it all over again? With no big commitments and cooler weather finally arriving I’m pretty tempted to do it. I set a goal way back when to double my 2013 miles in 2014 which would be 730. Another big month would definitely help me out in that department… But we shall see how I feel as I finish the last 19 for august.

what’s your next big goal?

  1. Liz says:

    I’m loving reading up on your transition into running. Good work staying on track to hit the big 100. I say go for another big goal (but still listen to your body). I’ve been slacking lately and need a goal myself–thinking about making September my “run every day” month.

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