Blogs I Love

I’m an Okie

My good friend Lisa… She blogs about anything and everything life and health related. ❤ her!

Genie’s Journey

A figure competitor I greatly look up to

Boobs, Barbells and Broccoli

I met T on a fitness form and love following along on her fitness journey

Faith, Fitness and Fun

I met Tina on a fitness form quite awhile ago and have always admired and looked up to her healthy outlook on life!

How Sweet Eats

Jessica makes delicious food. Need I say more?

Life of a Pacific Northwest Girl

The lovely Marlo! New to blogging her adventures!

LOLZthatswim(and run!)

I’m a frequent lurker on Holly’s blog! She loves pancakes like I love pancakes! … and that’s alot!

  1. mindymac says:

    I see a lot of 02 chicas around here! Sweet! Do you have a journal on that forum?

    • ihearteggs says:

      I used to have an O2 journal but havent been a frequent poster in a long time! I beleive my last journal was something like ‘break out the 5 inch heels and cut the carbs, I’m doing a figure comp”

      …. I could have totally just made that up though!

  2. Hi I just found your blog and I love it!!

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