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Training August 18-24

Posted: August 27, 2014 in food, running, training

Better late than never right?

This was definitely a busy week. Family plans, date nights, a pretty big bombshell at work that still is a little up in the air. Added stress and all that, but I got in all my runs/miles that I had planned and came close enough on the gym. September will definitely be a month of working on being more consistent in the gym…. and training legs for real instead of a set here and there. Oops.

Monday August 18:

  • 5 miles in the AM. Very consistent 9:36-9:42 pace for this one. Finally felt like I was back on track and it was “easier”. Not perfect and I can tell the volume is effecting my legs a bit speed wise (who am I kidding using words like speed) but feeling good.
  • Back workout PM. Very quick and efficient. I’m not one to spend hours in the gym like years past. I’ve been having really solid workouts with super and tri sets and leave feeling “done”

Tuesday August 19:

  • 5 miles of awesome (compared to last weeks suck) in the AM. Miles 1-3 were at a comfortable 9:14-9:25 pace and I finished up with the last two miles at a 9:35-9:40 pace. Was definitely spent after this but it felt really good to have a “fast” solid run two days in a row.
  • Arms PM. Supersets and drops sets.

Wednesday August 20:

  • 5 morning miles. Tired legs after the last two days, but got it done. Kind of wanted to go for 7 miles in my head, but I knew as soon as I made the turn for my long route it wasn’t happening so I quickly reversed and headed towards home.

Thursday August 21:

  • 35 minutes of cross training in the morning. Bike/Stair sprints.  I have had zero desire to run on a treadmill even though I had intended on speed work a few times a month. Honestly the weather has been awesome and I’m enjoying the great outdoors so I’m sticking with that until Canadian winters force me inside. 

Friday August 22:

  • 6 miles pre-work. Started out way too fast (I blame that friday feeling) and kind of bombed during mile 3. Stuck it out and finished a solid five even though my head said quit about ten times…. and my legs said quit even more 
  • Post work shoulders. Really good workout. I have no idea where this came from but it was awesome.

Saturday August 23:

  • 4 miles. Thought about 5 but was pretty dead and craving a rest day. I got in my 25 miles for the week and was very happy at that.

Sunday August 24:

  • Full rest day

Total weekly miles: 25

Total August miles: 75/100

Overall…. Decent. Very solid runs, missing one gym workout, but my priorities have definitely changed from two years ago and that’s just the way it should be.

Food was good. Frozen pizza twice, but fitting it into my plan and enjoying it (and not enjoying the ENTIRE thing) is really great for me right now. I’ve found my stride with my meals and prepping and it’s just become business as usual. I found the courage to haul on the green pants I want to fit into and sadly…. they actually are a size 0. Definitely not putting the pressure on myself to fit into them, but I can get them on and comfortably button them…. there is just no sitting down and they definitely do not fit as baggy as they should. 2 months to go so we shall see what kind of shape I’m in come October 22.

How was your week? Did you meet your goals?

First off… a giant, huge, massive, amazing thank you for all your kind words and comments on yesterday’s post. I was totally blown away by how awesome each and every one of you are. Thank you thank you.

Today was shoulders and quads. Yay.

Okay, I do love shoulders… but by the end I’m hurting.

And walking lunges? … yeah, they’re never fun.

Like I mentioned yesterday my shoulders are my sticking point and what I’m really needing to work on for the next eight weeks… so some changes were made today. Nothing huge, but changes.

First, for military press I decided to use the smith machine today. My gym is pretty empty in the early mornings so getting a spot is tough some days. So loading the weight up on the smith machine for presses allowed me to really push a bit more and actually fail out on my last set without fear of throwing out a shoulder or dropping a weight on my head.

It was a tough workout, but one that set the pace for the next eight weeks. Eight weeks of all out pain and effort. That’s really not that long in the grand scheme of things, so bring it on.

Cardio was cardio. I was almost late for work. I forgot a belt and a hairbrush. Hairbrush I could really care less about…. the whole no belt thing was a bit tricky. Definitely had to remind myself to hike up the jeans when I stood up.


So onto the prep questions… version 2.0?

The first one I’m going to tackle is a 2 part-er.

What is your breakfast and what type of protein powder do you use?

Breakfast is… a vegetarian protein shake.

This year when I decided to take a different approach to prep that also included changing my diet “rules” quite a bit. By choice, at the recommendation from my coach, I gave up wheat, dairy and starchy veggies. (… as well as a large portion of my cardio)

Wheat, okay no problem I could do without. It really wasn’t a difficult choice or adjustment.

Dairy on the other hand?

july 7 010 Goodbye to my greek yogurt and chocolate cheerios.

Oddly enough the greek yogurt wasn’t that hard to say goodbye too. First the first month we kept my whey protein shakes as is, basically as a way to ease into it? Regardless eventually the diet change came in and I was advised to go from my beloved Myofusion to vegetarian, aka whey/casein free. I did a lot of research on the options, and the general consensus was that it was going to be nasty. They are rarely tasty and it was going to be a suck it up and suck it down situation.

So I did what I always do and took the cheap route. Wandering through the Superstore one saturday night (yes, I live the wild and crazy life) I came across their veggie protein blend and well, the price was right so I tossed it in the cart.

JAN 7 016

The next morning I tossed a scoop in a shaker cup, added water and tried to shake it.

ummm. Yuck.

It was a big, gloopy, chalky, gross, nasty mess.

As always, mom to the rescue. “why not use your magic bullet?”

I added some water, plopped the goopy mess in the cup with a few drops of flavor extract and blended away. The bullet adds some air bubbles and if you leave it to sit in the fridge it kind of solidifies into a mousse like substance?

… which brings me to breakfast. My protein mousse.

photo (25)It’s actually grown on me. Sad, but true.

I enjoy it.

Who knew?!

Does this mean April 22nd I’m going to keep using it and give up Myofusion forever?

Umm… Hells no.

But it does mean I may try and bullet the MF and see if I can make an even tastier mousse!

Nom nom!

So long story short, I use the 22$ tub of president’s choice vegetarian protein powder and blend it in the magic bullet for breakfast every single day.

The end.