For the Love of Running

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I find it a little funny when people comment on how fantastic it is that I love running so much now. Truth be told, I don’t love it. It’s hard, it’s unnatural, I don’t obsess over it like real runners do. I often go from consistent, great weeks of training to absolutely loathing the idea of one more mile.

But then… Why do I continue? Why continually set my alarm for sub 5am times? Why spend the money on shoes and gadgets and new clothes?

Because I need the challenge. The discipline. The out there goal that keeps me driving forward.

I spent so many years with a very strict lifestyle. Training, cardio, meal planning. Offseason and prep gave me goals and a set plan. The thing is, those goals were all subjective in a huge way. It never mattered if I was leaner than last time, 5lbs heavier, the best of my best… All that mattered was the judges opinion.

Running gives me goals that are directly related to my effort and dedication. Sure I’m not a natural and it may take me longer than most to reach my goal… But the fact of the matter is I’m still getting out of bed, getting out the door and working on my small goals day by day to hit my big sub 2hour half marathon goal.

Some days the last thing I want to do is get out of bed… But as cliche as it is, the feeling of accomplishment when I finish is reward in itself. Running is giving me an outlet for the time being, it’s allowing me to keep routine in my life, goals and dedication. It’s not always easy, I don’t always like it, but that’s just the way it goes.

Today I can say I like running. It will never be easy, but I don’t hate it as much as I once did. Whether or not I ever cross the line into loving it is yet to be seen, but I guess only time will tell.

so tell me… Why do you run?


The Body Talk

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I have always been honest with my struggles while competing with the difference in my off season/on season body type… as well as the rebounds I suffered from early on. A big part of me thought that when I retired I would just coast right along into “normal person” territory and be fine. The fact of the matter is… no.

I think a large part of this stems from the fact I was not happy with my last showing. I was not lean enough and was frustrated and tired as my body (and mind) fought me hard the entire time last prep. After quitting back in May of last year I really just needed to get on stage, to 100% follow through even though I knew my body… and my heart… was saying enough already.

After provincials in November I knew I was done, and knew I needed to rest and recovery myself. I cut way back on cardio, only doing what I wanted to here and there for mental sanity/overall health, I increased my calories immediately to what should be my maintenance level and then slowly began increasing them.

In theory this really seemed like the perfect plan… but it wasn’t me. I was trying to force myself to be “normal”, to not track my food, to not follow a strict plan, to enjoy life so to speak… only the more I relaxed my eating and branched out, the less relaxed I felt. I was out of my comfort zone, I was eating foods I had pushed away for so long in some vague attempt to not be “that girl on a diet”. Over time I gravitated right back to where I was before… eggs, steak, turkey, fresh veggies, sweet potatoes…. Old habits, and taste buds, die hard so they say.

I’ll be honest in saying that I cry over the state of my body very little now. In the beginning it was hard, knowing this was not an “off season” and there was not going to be a golden prep at the end of the cycle to lean out and feel good about myself again. I needed to work on feeling good as is, a little bit fluffy, a little bit average… and a whole lot of no longer a size 0.

Last week I got an email from Old Navy saying they had khakis on sale for 15$. Thanks to Pinterest I’ve been planning outfits and such for my trip to Korea and black skinny pants are a frequent pin… so I decided to suck it up and go try on real people clothes (full disclosure…. I wear yoga pants 99% of the time). Surprisingly I actually needed to get a size two down from what I thought I would need, and was told I should probably have even gone one smaller. That little boost of confidence made me feel like myself again, like I CAN look good in real clothes without being super lean and in prep.

Yesterday I talked about my running goals… today I talk about my lifestyle goals. I’m going back to basics. Yes, I went through my old emails and picked out an offseason set of macros from my days with Dr. Joe. I have a tracking sheet, my meals planned on myfitnesspal and a need to fuel my body for both my running goals and my mental state. There is no number on a scale I’m chasing, no sparkly bikini or photoshoot…. Just a regular person who wants to feel comfortable in her own skin… for real.

Returning with 100 Miles

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There comes a point where blogging has become so sporadic and then non-existent that there’s no point in “sorry-not-sorry” excuses and big huge back stories.Let’s be real here anyway, if I got into all of that in my first blog back it would kill a good weeks worth of life update blog posts…. so if you’re expecting that, move along.

And if you’re new here… or just need a refresher… here’s the short form details.

  • “retired” figure competitor
  • occasional runner
  • East Coast living
  • wannabe world traveller
  • big goal chasing

That’s the easiest way to put it… and since I never like to do anything in order, I’ll expand on the last point first. 

At the end of June I was in a major running rut. I had a couple of good months post foot injury and then… Fail. I was over it. I decided to declare the goal of 75 miles in July to get myself back on track. Admittedly that was kind of a big goal for the way I was going at the time, but I’ve never been one to half ass things. 


With one day to go, I hit my goal. I chose to cross train July 31, 2014 and ponder my next move. I had a very slow first two weeks of July so I knew I could do a lot more. After thinking and talking it over I decided I was probably certifiably crazy and decided on 100 miles in August. 

I’ve had a very solid start to the month, 13 miles down in the first three days. With running I definitely tend to be an all in… then all out type so keeping up this momentum and moving along could be a challenge, but I think I can handle it. 

So that’s where I’ll leave it at for now. What better way to return to blogging than declaring a lofty goal and committing to following through with it…. and writing about the ups and downs of the process. 

Feel free to tell me I’m crazy.. or what you’d like to see here on the blog… or that you’d prefer I just faded back into non-existent writing. I can handle it. 

Training February 10-16

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Main workout: flat bench 2RM
Accessory work: back, shoulders, triceps

Cross training: 20 minutes spin bike

Main workout: variety of leg isolation machines… It wasn’t until after I finished that I got the ok on squats/deads. Oops
Accessory work: back, biceps

Cross training; 20 minutes spin bike

Usual rest day

Real life rest days.

total workouts: 2
Total miles; zero

Not an ideal week by any means… But two storms, a horrible night of insomnia, family time and relationship time means I was prioritizing more important things.

To be totally honest I woke up Thursday and my foot felt… Worse. I spent a lot of time last week being frustrated and angry that this happened. Thankfully things are (knock on wood) on the up and up and I’m feeling much better about this forced rest time. But still… Not the best week.

Lake Effect Series

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One thing I’ve always loved about the blogging community is that it’s well… A community. Now that I’m switching my focus more to running I can’t count the number of times I’ve emailed, tweeted or commented on a blog for help/advice. It’s been invaluable.

One of my biggest supporters (that’s what I’ll call her anyway, she listens to my foolish questions constantly) is running a half marathon this month to raise money for eating disorder treatment. She has already surpassed her $2000.00 goal, but as with any sum of money, when isn’t more better?

So today, I’m hoping you’ll all take a look at her series of heartfelt stories submitted by all types of folks on their eating disorder experiences and consider donating to this bad ass chick.

Happy Wednesday!

Training February 3-9

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Better late than never…

Main workout: squats 3×10
Accessory work: hamstrings, back, biceps

Preworkout: 1 mile

Main workout: flat bench press 3×10
Accessory work; shoulders, triceps, back

Post workout: 4 miles outside

Usual full rest day for date night.

**enter lobster risotto and other Chop Chop week deliciousness**

Second rest day thanks to bum foot/forgetting sports bra

Main workout: overhead press 3×5
Accessory work: chest, back, triceps, shouldersssss

Post workout: 10 minutes spin bike

Main workout: leg press 3×5
Accessory work: quads, back, biceps…. Abs

Post workout: 10 minutes spin bike

Rest day… Again

total workouts: 4
Total miles: 5

Workouts good. The leg press was my way of not doing deadlifts while my foot hurt… Probably not the swap I should have gone for but my booty is sore sooo…. All in all felt like very solid work was put in and that’s good enough for me.

Running wise… Well, see previous post. Thankfully that one outdoor run was kick ass and actually leaves me happy and anticipating my return to running. That’s a win in my books

It Happens to Everyone Else

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…. But it will never happen to me.

Please tell me I’m not alone in thinking that?

To me, any type of running injury happens to, well, real runners. People who run a lot… And I mean a lot. People who run fast. People who run races. Or people who do the above without properly fuelling/recovering/etc.

Not the chick averaging only10-15 miles a week and resting more than I probably should. Needless to say I was a little confused to why my left foot started hurting Wednesday afternoon. I kind of ignored it and thought it was just an ache and enjoyed my usual rest day. Thursday…. Pain. Second rest day. Friday… More pain. Decided it was my shoes and swapped my work Toms for my nikes. Just as much pain.

I mentioned it to Jason and didn’t give much detail. He said to rest, so I did. I worked overtime Saturday instead of going for my long run. I spent that night on the couch watching movies. Sunday was much of the same.

When Jason got home from his track meet I headed over for a movie night. He sat me down, looked at my foot, made me describe the pain and didn’t even blink in saying it’s tendinitis and at least 2 weeks off running.

Umm what?

This is where my figure prep mentality kicked in and I figured I could just suck up the pain and run. Two weeks no running and no weight bearing exercises? Wtf am I going to do with myself? I’ve always just put aside the hurt and trained. When you’re on a mission towards a show date something’s you just do. Yes, I’ve got better at listen and resting as I’ve competed more, but the thought of two weeks off….

There’s no need for googling what would happen if I ignore the rest right now. I’ve been warned of the details and am well aware if I continue running right now I’m basically putting myself in a boot with a stress fracture… So yeah.

It sucks. It’s only been since Tuesday and I’m already (oddly) missing running and getting a little frustrated. I admit this is obviously the best time of year for this to happen, it helps me avoid the treadmill when it’s freezing, but yeah. Sucks.

So yay! Who’s for lots of upper body training?!?