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For the Love of Running

Posted: August 6, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I find it a little funny when people comment on how fantastic it is that I love running so much now. Truth be told, I don’t love it. It’s hard, it’s unnatural, I don’t obsess over it like real runners do. I often go from consistent, great weeks of training to absolutely loathing the idea of one more mile.

But then… Why do I continue? Why continually set my alarm for sub 5am times? Why spend the money on shoes and gadgets and new clothes?

Because I need the challenge. The discipline. The out there goal that keeps me driving forward.

I spent so many years with a very strict lifestyle. Training, cardio, meal planning. Offseason and prep gave me goals and a set plan. The thing is, those goals were all subjective in a huge way. It never mattered if I was leaner than last time, 5lbs heavier, the best of my best… All that mattered was the judges opinion.

Running gives me goals that are directly related to my effort and dedication. Sure I’m not a natural and it may take me longer than most to reach my goal… But the fact of the matter is I’m still getting out of bed, getting out the door and working on my small goals day by day to hit my big sub 2hour half marathon goal.

Some days the last thing I want to do is get out of bed… But as cliche as it is, the feeling of accomplishment when I finish is reward in itself. Running is giving me an outlet for the time being, it’s allowing me to keep routine in my life, goals and dedication. It’s not always easy, I don’t always like it, but that’s just the way it goes.

Today I can say I like running. It will never be easy, but I don’t hate it as much as I once did. Whether or not I ever cross the line into loving it is yet to be seen, but I guess only time will tell.

so tell me… Why do you run?

Guess Who’s Back?!

Posted: August 2, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Ahhhh. I officially feel “back to normal”.

Well, in the blogging sense anyway!

Someone else who feels normal?

august 2 009

Yeah, he’s settled in pretty well. There have been a few standoffs between him and the girls. Obviously there is a bit of hissing and growling, but for the most part, it’s really just them circling and checking out the new guy.

… for those who asked.

august 2 013

My two old lady cats. We got them when I was in the sixth grade (please don’t make me feel old by doing the math on that) and well, old, cranky and have always been “only cats”. Everyone assumed black cat (yes, that’s her name now) would be the worst, but it’s actually queen snot, fat cat, who is putting up the biggest fuss. Go figure. If anything he lays back and watches them get snippy at each other. My mom likens him to a drunk, he gets out of control, starts trouble and then sits back and laughs while everyone else fights.

So whenever I’m home the Fritz  has free range of the house, but he’s still getting shut up in my room with me overnight…. just in case! But really, I thought he’d be segregated to my room indefinitely so this is huge. I’m really happy it’s been such an easy transition for him. I almost don’t believe it!

My first few days at home were… tough food wise.

There is ALWAYS some form of unhealthy junk around and knowing I’m in offseason makes me think I can go ahead and indulge. But I’m realizing I need to stop and keep it to my high day. While I know I’m still small, haven’t gained very much weight it’s still hard mentally to go from stage to sporadic workouts, eating through my apartment and moving.

It’s really just getting back into a routine so I feel much  better in my bikini when I visit places like this:

august 2 011

So I am of course being proactive…. I have joined a gym (… and got a MEGA deal, which I’ll talk more about later), I have access to a treadmill at home and have some big plans and big goals going on in my  head.

… and most importantly, I emailed you know who.

Yes… Joe.

Hopefully by the end of the day today I will have a full on plan in place with macros to continue backing out and going into maintenance, cardio guidelines to get me to my goal and yeah… just the reassurance everything will  be okay.

Once it’s all sorted out I WILL be doing a August goals post. Time to put everything in writing, in blog land so I’m accountable, even if it’s only to myself. Without a show coming up it’s easy to feel lost and I want to kick this in the butt before it gets too easy to slack off and forget all my hard work.

So even though I realize I’m struggling…. I am optimistic…. and excited… for what’s to come for me.

I think being able to blog again… from a computer…. and just get everything out there will be a huge help. It’s funny I knew I was enjoying blogging, but until it was out of reach I didn’t realize how therapeutic it is to get all my randomness out on paper. Who knew?

Have you ever felt a bit lost with your goals?

Do you feel blogging helps you get it all out? To make plans and goals?