Do You Ever Feel…

Posted: September 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

… Like you’re being watched?

sept 001

I was opening a can of tuna and turned around to find this. Fritz has been super playful and the other two want NOTHING to do with it so needless to say I was shocked to see them hanging out together… and not screaming and batting at eachother.

(FYI: They’re all declawed in the front. It’s super hilarious to see them swatting like little girls at eachother)

In other news… I was sent Optimum Nutrition samples to try out. Today I busted out one.

sept 005 

I’m just going to give you my straight up, 100% honest opinion on this.

It was the nastiest thing I have ever tasted in my entire life.


I would describe it as rancid cough medicine.

I have one other package… Mocha flavor. It will most likely be thrown in the  garbage. I don’t even want to try it. At all.




Myofusion all the way for this girl.

What’s your favorite protein powder!?

  1. Yeaaah. I remember back in my milk protein consuming days there were some flavors of ON that ROCKED…and some that were just straight up NASTY! The nasty ones are like, painful.

  2. Haha, love your honesty! Mine is designer whey, just for the fact it’s only 100 calories and disgustingly (fake) sweet!

  3. kdbaker05 says:

    I am an Optimum Nutrition girl all the way. I will admit that I’m not a fan of the cookies and cream though.

  4. Ann says:

    I don’t use protein powder, but I have to say….GOOD FOR YOU for an honest evaluation! You’re awesome!

  5. allieksmith says:

    I love your honesty 🙂

    The cat picture made me crack up sooo hard!!!

  6. Lisa says:

    I don’t like ON. Especially after trying Myofusion! =)

  7. LM says:

    Vanilla Metabolic Drive is my favorite…

  8. […] you remember awhile back I did a review of Optimum Nutrition Cookies and Cream whey I was sent and my honest opinion was it tasted like rancid cough medicine. Well, I was also sent […]

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